February 2018

Polar Bear Day

Frosty Yesterday was Polar Bear Day. Do not travel if not nessary. The roads are not safe. Give the Polar Bears a thought! Keep warm! /Anneli

Close-Up Bison

European Bison Park Nearer than this can be dangerous. Bisons are cute animals. I wonder what they will come up with next time I visit. /Anneli

Wisent Park

Avesta A cold day in Dalecarlia I found this bull & family. Maybe they where waiting for food or just looking at tourists. /Anneli

Warning Bull

Diffrent Signs The warning signs are many in our society. The messages are different. You never now what you will find behind the signs. /Anneli

Wonderful Snow

Snow The Vasarace events have started. In Dalecarlia we now that spring starts after ”Vasaloppet”. I still wait. A few days off is always nice. It is snow everywhere. /Anneli

New Paths

Winter Finding new paths is important. The weather is cold in Dalecarlia. I wonder when it will stop snowing. /Anneli

Spring 2018

Ludvika The snow is beginning to melt. The spring has started, even if it is hard to see. I wonder when I will be able to see the first spring […]

Snowy Park Bench

Melody Festival Everything is not a walk in the park. A  park bench in snow is not so easy to sit down on. Mendez song in the Melody festival is […]