March 2018

Easter Feathers

Happy Easter! A few days off is always nice. This will be a happy Easter. I have only seen two Easter Witches. /Anneli

Barbados Björn

Stora Björn ”Stora Björn” is the name of Borlänge’s big dance palace. It is nice with a visit from another bear. I like the YouTube serial: ”Innan vi droppar av”. […]

Barbados Lager

”Hela Huset Gungar” Barbados played in Borlänge yesterday. It is always a welcome visit. The band has through the years had a lot of hits. /Anneli


Isabelle McAlister Kupolen had this weekend three days of talk shows with social media/fashion/design people. Isabelle is well known programleader and stylist with her rotes in Leksand. It is always […]


Stylist Linda is a well known stylist. She has worked with the Elle Gala ,the Melody Festival & Fashion Week. /Anneli


”Trädgårdstider” Malin Persson is a well known program leader. A influential blogger that inspire people. Furnishing is another of her topics. /Anneli

Johan Nestor

UF Convent IKEA Storemanager Johan Nestor was part of the jury at the UF Convent yesterday. It was possible to meet a lot of interesting new UF companies during the […]

Jens Spendrup

UF Convent The chairman of Spendrups Bryggeri AB Jens Spendrup initiated a UF Convent in Kupolen. Young entrepreneurs had the oppertunity to meet their audience. /Anneli Fors

Congratulation Princess Madeleine och Mr Chris O´Neill! A wonderful name for a princess./Anneli

Ice Finland

Going home A lot of ice! Nice sky! Wonderland! Imagine! Believe! /Anneli