April 2018


”Valborg” It is nice when people meet to celebrate that spring finally is here. Something to celebrate! /Anneli

Clarion Hotel

Arlanda Clarion Hotel is a good place. Interesting topics and good breakfast makes a good conference. /Anneli

Airport Tower

Arlanda International environments are always nice. A airport tower can be symbol for meeting the world. /Anneli

Sky City

Arlanda This Friday I visited Arlanda. The sun was shining. They build a lot in the area. I wonder what will come next. /Anneli

Standing Ovation

Cinderella Magnus Carlsson & Jessica Andersson were the main artists this Easter. They had a big band with them. The audience sang a long. Standing ovation ended the show. /Anneli

Spring Light

Dalecarlia The spring finally came and the snow is melting. It has been a sunny weekend. I hope for more warm days. /Anneli

Lill-Babs was a wonderful entertainer and one of those persons that changed the world./Anneli