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Orsa Lake

Midsummer 2018
One wonderful view in
is Orsasjön. The lake is a
calm place. This year
they sang ”little bears
instead of ”little frogs”.


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Per Moreus

Midsummer 2018
Midsummer in Dalecarlia is
celebration time. This holiday
I visited Orsa. Per Moreus is
a master of the violin.
He is one part of ”Orsa Spelmän”.
Always nice to hear him play.


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Midsummer 2018

Happy Midsummer!/Anneli

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Life is wonderful!/Anneli

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Music Evenings

A lot of music last weekend:
Thomas Di Leva, Drifters,
Victoria Tolstoy, Chris Kläfford,
& Larz-Kristerz.
Falun was a nice place
to visit.


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National Day 2018

The most beautiful
time of the year is
when flowers blom.
Cold weather made
me go inside.
I hope you all enjoyed
the day.

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Earth Dance

Let’s Dance
Two good dancers in the final. Wonderful Jon Henrik! Congratulation!

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