October 2018

The Power of Music

Pop & Rockkören Pop & Rockkören – December  10 – December 11 – 19.00 – Lugnet Church – Falun Tickets: visitdalarna.se Ticket release Friday 26/10!

Totte & Cilla

”Sveatorget” Found this cute monkey and friend outside the library this summer. Good entertainment for children! /Anneli


Ludvika Festen This was a hot summer. With out no Skateboards Magnum Bonum came to Ludvika. High-Level Nostalgia! I hope the next summer also will be warm. /Anneli

Magnum Bonum

Ludvika Festen Magnum Bonum is a group known for hits like Skateboard and Lover Boy. This summer they came to Ludvika. A popular visit. /Anneli

Lina & Tess

Alcazar Tess Merkel and Lina Hedlund are two of the members in Alcazar. Always nice when artists decide to come out to sign autographs after a good show./Anneli


Falun Falun got a final visit from Alcazar. I have not seen Alcazar live since Magnus Carlsson left the group. A professional show with a lot of good gladiator inspired […]

Siljan Sunset

Beautiful A autumn evening! The best view I know is Siljan. This shot is from Tällberg. This is photographed with love of nature. /Anneli

Green & Red

Autumn The autumn is here. Clean water is essential for life. The nature shift from green to red. Warm become cold! Wonderful autumn! /Anneli

Outside the Box

Halloween A scary holiday is coming up. This years best slogan: ”Think outside the coffin.” You can both be a vampire and an angel. Think outside the box. New ideas […]