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Lavish Studio

Music Industry
I visited Rytmus a school
for people that like to work in
the music industry.
Found one of Europe´s most
lavish studios in
the building. Sabaton
has previously made
recordings here./Anneli

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The End of November


Lights everywhere! Dark
nights are less dark than
I expect them to be.
Waiting for Christmas!
Autumn is holding on!


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Choir Power

Pop Rock Choir

I started to sing in ”Pop- & Rockkören”
2015. My first consert with the
choir was: Love, Love, Love.
I hope you have not missed
this years december concert:
Power of Music. I am not
in the photo. /Anneli

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Light Blossom

Autumn Tree
Pink light blossom
makes a grey autumn
day a bit less grey.
I wait for spring,
but Christmas is


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Wild Chorography

Ace Wilder
When the weather is
grey it is nice to go away.
Ace Wilder entertained
with good dance and hits
onboard Cinderella this
weekend. The audience
danced along.

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Idol and Let’s Dance
are shows that made
Måns Zelmerlöw famous.
Wonderful that
Cinderella arranges
good concerts.


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Tour Start

A while ago Eurovision winner
Måns Zelmerlöw performed
at Cinderella. He has a lot
of hits and is a fabulous
entertainer. However the
orcestra was good,
but to load.

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Fantasy Dragon

Buttricks´ Halloween celebration
was great as ever. I like the dragon.
It is good that his got locked up. 🙂
I wonder what they will come up
with next year. Fantasy is what
makes people find new ways.


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Sometimes you just have to wait
to find out what the answar is to
riddle wrapped up in an enigma.
Just take one step at a time.
If you are lucky you
will find what you are looking

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