January 2019


Galaxen Bravo! Brillliant! Glorious! I hope that Magnus Carlsson comes back to ”Huset Gungar”. /Anneli


Galaxen The concert ended with standing ovations. Next step for Magnus Carlsson: ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”. Music & dance is best in reality! /Anneli

The House Rocked

Galaxen Magnus Carlsson, Månson all star and Lotta from Easy Kit made the house rock. The dance floor was filled with people screaming Magnus, even before the concert began./Anneli


Galaxen Last weekend was filled with dance events. Adam Svensson and Highlights came to Galaxen with a lot of energy and good steps. /Anneli

New Dance Studio

Sinclairs Kalle Sterner held lessons. Fun chorography! /Anneli Photo: Guest


Expose Fashion for passion! Expose! Strike a pose! New year and new words in center. Interesting development in the fashion & social media industry. /Anneli


Flying The sun is returing to Dalecarlia. A photo can catch a special moment. Sometimes I get some luck when I photograph. /Anneli

Tulip Day

Spring Sign Yesterday was Tulip Day. Today they took down the official Christmas tree in Borlänge. /Anneli


Cinderella What a voice! Shirley Clamp is ready for the big events. A good beginning of the new year celebrations. /Anneli


Cinderella Some artist is hard to catch in a photo. Mendez moves and dances a lot. A show filled with energy and good music. /Anneli