February 2019

Coco Loco

Cinderella No coconuts, but the Coco Loco show is a great one. Dancing, singing, circus and a lot of light effects. /Anneli


Cinderella Chris Kläfford performed onboard Cinderella a few weeks ago. He has a strong voice and is known for being on of the winners of Idol. /Anneli

Dali Exhibition

Stockholm Art and music changes the world. What do you think about when you see this sculpture? Time! Life! /Anneli


Waterfront Everything is going up. The last part of the Melody Festival is going on. I wonder who will win this year. /Anneli


Stockholm Visited Stockholm this weekend. A cold experience, but an fantastic Dali exhibition is going on. Time is not constant! Visit this time changer if you have possibility. /Anneli


Melody Festival Well known artists compete in part three: Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Martin Stenmark. Also a lot of talented new beginners. /Anneli

Repetition M. Festival

Part 3 I visited the afternoon performance the Melody Festival. This part has a lot of potential winners. This year the anchors are doing a good job. Professional & funny! […]

Welcome Party!

Melody Festival Dolly Style, Lina Hedlund, Jovan Dragomir, Bolibompa Dragon and the robot Taurus started the third part of the Melody Festival this afternoon. /Anneli

Part 3 - Leksand

Tegera Arena Tonight the third part of the Melody Festival comes to Leksand. The shops had extra open and competions. /Anneli

Heart Beat

14 The first part of January has been cold, but now the weather is warmer. Have a happy day everybody. /Anneli