July 21, 2019

First Diggiloo

Diggiloo Dalhalla: Magnus Carlsson celebrates 25 years as an artist. This fall the show continues at ”Cirkus”/Circus in Stockholm. I looked at the first tour in Örebro. It is a […]


Diggiloo Dalhalla: John Lundvik is this years winner of the Melody Festival. Lundvik is here to stay! He is now one of the most esteemed artists in Sweden. /Anneli


Diggiloo Dalhalla: Arvingarna is one of Sweden’s most famous dance bands. Casper Jarnebrink has won ”Stjärnornas Stjärna”/Star of the Stars. They are good entertainers and I hope they come back […]

Carlsson & Lundvik

Diggiloo Dalhalla: John Lundvik and Magnus Carlsson are two singers with magic voices. I always try to see Diggiloo when Magnus Carlsson is on the artist list./Anneli

Diggiloo 2019

Diggiloo Dalhalla: This year Diggiloo is a fantastic show with great artists and musicians: Magnus Carlsson, Arvingarna, Brolle, David Lindgren, Mariette & Jessica Andersson. The good thing with Diggiloo is […]