Halloween Extra1

2021: Dark times is soon coming up. What is more scary this year than Halloween? The climate crise and Covid is competitors. /Anneli

Green Depth

Creative Borlänge: ”Pyranin” makes the water green. Another world!/Anneli

Creative Studio

Creative Borlänge: Valley Sound Studio opened the door during the event./Anneli

Light Walk

Creative Borlänge: ”Kreativa Borlänge” is interesting happenings and a lot of light./Anneli

Jussi Sings

Creative Borlänge: Once in a while Jussi Björling sings ”Till Havs”, at least his statue./Anneli

Jussi Costums

Creative Borlänge: Jussi Björling had a lot of magnificant costums during his career. /Anneli


Creative Borlänge: Jussi Björling has his own museum, but at this location it might have been one of the last chances to see the items that belonged to Jussi Björling./Anneli

On a Mission

Creative Borlänge: This installation is created by Tanja Jörgensen. Yellow light make people come together./Anneli

Light Mission

Creative Borlänge: ”On a Mission” was one of the light events during Creative Borlänge. Blue light give peace./Anneli