Lightning never strikes twice in the same place!

Super Power Show

The Diggiloo event in Gävle was crowded. Diggiloo is good music and dance in a total mix. Magnus Carlsson is the greatest showman and deliver as usual. The show gives […]

Summer Event

Diggiloo  started 2003and this is the 16th season. The summer tour goes around Sweden. A lot of good singers have performed in the show. This year is no exception. In […]

Mega Hits

A lot of good music in Diggiloo this this year.Magnus Carlsson is known for a lot of mega hits. In Gävle he came out to meet the audience. Arvingarna & […]


John Lundvik is new in Diggiloo this year. He is a singer, songwriter and former sprinter.Lundvik had a major breakthrough as a singer in the Melody Festival. That is the […]

Camera Smile

Always nice when the artists come out and sign autographs and smile, but sometimes I have to wait a long time. Click on the link and see some happy steps […]

Effectful Diggiloo

Diggiloo visit a lot of towns. Gävle was one of the last. The effects are many in Diggiloo. The show is always worth a few visits. /Anneli


Charlotte Sinclair known from Let’s Dance is one of the founders of Sinclairs Dance School. This Sunday she came to Borlänge and gave lessons in Ladies Style and Dance Moves.Open […]

”The secret of success is to know something noby else knows.” – Aristotle Onassis


Lilltorpet got a visit from Streaplers. Three cute parrots met the audience at the gate. Intelligent birds! /Anneli