See Wonderland

The lions sleeps tonight, ”Se mig” och ”Världen utanför” are just a few of the songs that made Barbados great. This show also contains hits from Alcazar! Örebro was in […]

Complete Show

The greatest showman, fantastic light, beautiful digital backgrounds & good acoustics made this a complete show! /Anneli

Fast Chorography

”Barbados till Gamla Stan” is a show with five good dancers. John Travolta meet Rosalita! /Anneli

F Barbados till G S

If you want show, dance and good entertainment. Go and see ”Barbados till Gamla Stan./Anneli

Feathers Outside

Easter is full of magic moments. A Easter tree make me happy. I like when people use their fantasy. /Anneli

Business Days

IKEA, Varie and Acendo held lectures about a world in change. People want a sustainable future och kindly treatment. Is this possible when smart cities are the new thing?/Anneli


One of my favorite restaurants in Dalecarlia is ”Dalarasten”. The restaurant is a nice place with good food. Just refurbished! /Anneli

Girl Power

Aly is one of the companies that was represented at the UF Convent in Kupolen a few days ago. Each bracelet has a message. Their slogan: ”Make a statement and […]

Coco Loco

Cinderella No coconuts, but the Coco Loco show is a great one. Dancing, singing, circus and a lot of light effects. /Anneli

Dali Exhibition

Stockholm Art and music changes the world. What do you think about when you see this sculpture? Time! Life! /Anneli