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Light Blossom

Autumn Tree
Pink light blossom
makes a grey autumn
day a bit less grey.
I wait for spring,
but Christmas is


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Fantasy Dragon

Buttricks´ Halloween celebration
was great as ever. I like the dragon.
It is good that his got locked up. 🙂
I wonder what they will come up
with next year. Fantasy is what
makes people find new ways.


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Outside the Box

A scary holiday is
coming up. This years
best slogan:
”Think outside the coffin.”
You can both be a vampire
and an angel. Think outside
the box. New ideas are always

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20 Years

Venture Cup 20 ÅrVenture Cup
The competition
turned 20 years.
The event took
place at Stockholm
Concert Hall.
It was a night with
interesting lectures.

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Clarion Hotel

Clarion Hotel is a
good place.
Interesting topics
and good breakfast
makes a good


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Sky City

This Friday I visited
Arlanda. The sun was
shining. They build
a lot in the area.
I wonder what
will come next.


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Easter Feathers

Happy Easter!
A few days off is
always nice.
This will be a
happy Easter.
I have only seen
two Easter Witches.

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Isabelle McAlister
Kupolen had this weekend
three days of talk shows
with social media/fashion/design
people. Isabelle is well known
programleader and stylist
with her rotes in Leksand.
It is always nice with some
inspiration. /Anneli

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Linda is a well
known stylist. She has
worked with the
Elle Gala
,the Melody Festival
& Fashion Week.


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Malin Persson is a well known
program leader.
A influential blogger
that inspire people.
Furnishing is another
of her topics.


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