Halloween Extra1

2021: Dark times is soon coming up. What is more scary this year than Halloween? The climate crise and Covid is competitors. /Anneli

Hiding Lion

Hildasholm: In Leksand they have a nice art exhibition going on. Sometimes I wish that it was possible to be at two places at the same time. /Anneli 🙂


Dalecarlia: The baroque garden is worth a visit. /Anneli


Wooden Horses: Horses come in different shapes. /Anneli

Schlager Time

Saturday: The Second Chance may be hard to predict. Eva & Ewa might be good spice in the final. To see links click on the headline./Anneli

Fourth Episode

Melody Festival: This year a lot of good artists compete in the contest. I keep my fingers crossed for Tusse in the final, that study in Borlänge. Perelli, Anton Ewald, […]