Water Sculpture

Rättvik: The shape of water always changes. Fantasy! Wings! Life! /Anneli


Harry Potter Experience: One day a year Hogwarts move to Borlänge. Teachers and students from the Harry Potter World come for a visit. Magic and wonder! /Anneli


Magnus Carlsson has achieved a lot during his career. With Alcazar he topped the charts all over Europé. This fall he celebrates his success with a show at Circus in […]

Popular Songs

Magnus Carlsson and Jessica Andersson performed this week onboard Cinderella. This time with a lot popular songs and disco feeling. Both singers are known from the Melody Festival./Anneli

Ice Cream

The exhibition Avesta Arts gives a lot of inspiration.This year a sculpture of ice cream might be the most interesting.The glass sculptures in light are what I like best./Anneli

Avesta 100 Years

Lars Isacsson popular municipal commissioner held a speach. Miss Li performed! I visited Avesta Art and the Vincents. It was a sunny Saturday./Anneli

Mega Hits

A lot of good music in Diggiloo this this year.Magnus Carlsson is known for a lot of mega hits. In Gävle he came out to meet the audience. Arvingarna & […]

Camera Smile

Always nice when the artists come out and sign autographs and smile, but sometimes I have to wait a long time. Click on the link and see some happy steps […]

Effectful Diggiloo

Diggiloo visit a lot of towns. Gävle was one of the last. The effects are many in Diggiloo. The show is always worth a few visits. /Anneli

First Diggiloo

Diggiloo Dalhalla: Magnus Carlsson celebrates 25 years as an artist. This fall the show continues at ”Cirkus”/Circus in Stockholm. I looked at the first tour in Örebro. It is a […]