Barbados King

A trip with Cinderella begins and ends with a view of ”Gamla Stan”. With music from Barbados the travel is complete. We hope to see Magnus Carlsson onboard Cinderella again.


”Dansbandsveckan Cinderella” finally got a visit from Magnus Carlsson.The audience was excited.

10 Years

”Dansbandsveckan 2023” onboard Cinderella turned 10 years. Kings and queens of the industry was main attraction. Magnus Carlsson, Erica Sjöström, Sandra Estberg, Carolina Skaarup and Elisa Lindström entertained all day and […]

Sunny Christmas

“Änglarnas Tid/Vallby”: Magnus Carlsson is the king of Christmas tours. He sang Hallejuha and a new beautiful song by Niklas Dackborn and Py Bäckman./Anneli

Angel Jubilee

“Änglarnas Tid” came to Vallby. Magnus Carlsson is always the best way to start Christmas. A magic moment in November. /Anneli


Rättvik: This years most memorable sign!

Rhapsody Happening

Saints & Sinners! Dalhalla Photo: Anneli Fors 🙂 Adverting Image with great light: Thomas Engström

Magical Dalhalla

Rhapsody in Rock: This years Rhapsody in Rock was a magical experience. This celebration concert: Robert Wells, Maria Wells, Jay Osmond, Anders Bagge, Svenne Hedlund, LaGaylia, Magnus Carlsson & Jakob […]