A bright Idea Sometimes you just pass something that you have to look at and photograph. At the Museum of Modern Art I found this installation. I guess it is […]

Winter Concert

Winter Concert Before New Year we in Mighty Voices sang in the church of Sollerön/”Sollerö kyrka”. This is a few articles from the event. Before Winter Concert After Winter Concert […]


Mighty Voices Yesterday Mighty Voices performed in Repbäcken. Good repetition for larger events. We got a lot of applause. They wanted to hear us again. It was an idyllic experience. Petra Kvännå […]

Instagram “Fotografiska”

“Fotomässan 2013”: Knut Koivisto is the man that administrates the Instagram for “Fotografiska”. Knut talked about how it is possible to be seen in the noise on Internet. He believes that the difference […]


IKEA The IKEA fever has decreased. The cues are not so long anymore. This flower is from last weeks shopping round. It looks nice in a picture. Vote for a better world […]


 New IKEA “Dalahäst”: It is easy to get inspired by all items that are to be seen at IKEA. My shelves have got new paper.  A Dala horse is waiting […]