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Coco Loco

No coconuts,
but the Coco Loco
show is a great one.
Dancing, singing,
circus and a lot of
light effects.


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Welcome Party!

Melody Festival
Dolly Style, Lina Hedlund,
Jovan Dragomir, Bolibompa
Dragon and the robot Taurus
started the third part
of the Melody Festival
this afternoon.


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Part 3 – Leksand

Tegera Arena

Tonight the third part
of the Melody Festival
comes to Leksand.
The shops had extra
open and competions.


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Snow Steps


The snow is falling outside.
I have put on the
dance shoes again.
Good dance floor
and nice steps.


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Fashion for passion!
Expose! Strike a pose!
New year and new
words in center.
Interesting development
in the fashion &
social media industry.

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Queen´s Birthday

Best Queen

Happy Birthday Your Majesty
Queen Silvia! We are lucky in
Sweden to have a queen that
give stability & glory to the
country! Merry Christmas!


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More Tours

Christmas Night
Magnus Carlsson
is as usual the star
of the show. Next year
two more tours are
”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”
and ”Diggiloo”.

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Fantasy Dragon

Buttricks´ Halloween celebration
was great as ever. I like the dragon.
It is good that his got locked up. 🙂
I wonder what they will come up
with next year. Fantasy is what
makes people find new ways.


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Music Evenings

A lot of music last weekend:
Thomas Di Leva, Drifters,
Victoria Tolstoy, Chris Kläfford,
& Larz-Kristerz.
Falun was a nice place
to visit.


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Easter Feathers

Happy Easter!
A few days off is
always nice.
This will be a
happy Easter.
I have only seen
two Easter Witches.

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