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Fantasy Dragon

Buttricks´ Halloween celebration
was great as ever. I like the dragon.
It is good that his got locked up. 🙂
I wonder what they will come up
with next year. Fantasy is what
makes people find new ways.


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Music Evenings

A lot of music last weekend:
Thomas Di Leva, Drifters,
Victoria Tolstoy, Chris Kläfford,
& Larz-Kristerz.
Falun was a nice place
to visit.


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Easter Feathers

Happy Easter!
A few days off is
always nice.
This will be a
happy Easter.
I have only seen
two Easter Witches.

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Isabelle McAlister
Kupolen had this weekend
three days of talk shows
with social media/fashion/design
people. Isabelle is well known
programleader and stylist
with her rotes in Leksand.
It is always nice with some
inspiration. /Anneli

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Linda is a well
known stylist. She has
worked with the
Elle Gala
,the Melody Festival
& Fashion Week.


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Malin Persson is a well known
program leader.
A influential blogger
that inspire people.
Furnishing is another
of her topics.


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Christmas Peace

Merry Christmas

Two weeks of
free time.
I wish you all a
Merry Christmas
& a Happy New Year.

/Anneli Fors

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Greatest Hits

Magnus Carlsson &
Jessica Andersson
performed onboard
Cinderella with a
big band. It was
crowded in front
of the scene. Only
got one angle./Anneli

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The Grace

A few weeks ago ”Dansbandsveckan”
in Malung took place.
The Grace performance
was a positive surprise.
This might be their
break through to
a large audience.

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“Avesta Art”
Sometimes the shadow can say
more about the art or a human
than the real thing. It is a lot to see
this year. The historical environment
is interesting. People worked under
bad conditions a hundred
years ago.

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