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Dance Class

This spring Confetti filmed us at Sinclairs. They inteviewed the owners. The Trade & Industry Agency now has put it on their website: Dance Class. /Anneli

Effectful Diggiloo

Diggiloo visit a lot of towns. Gävle was one of the last. The effects are many in Diggiloo. The show is always worth a few visits. /Anneli

Air Crew

The Pop- & Rock Choir :We have a whole fantastic team working behind us for example light, sound, film, photographer and cafeteria.Thank You! /Anneli

Flight 1900

The Pop- & Rock Choir: Thank you all for taking Flight 1900 Travelers to the Choir World. Hope to see you all soon again. /Anneli


I am updating my website. Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Make every effort to modernise! Anneli

Carlsson & Krång

”Örebro Stadsparken” Magnus Carlsson and signing master Tommy Krång made an unforgettable perfomance of the world hit ”Möt Mig i Gamla Stan”. /Anneli

Christmas Peace

Merry Christmas Two weeks of free time. I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. /Anneli Fors


Great Man I only meet and photographed Professor Hans Rosling once, but he will be missed. We need people who change the world. Rosling told me that he grew up […]


”Dansbandsveckan” Barbados is in good shape. Oscar Sohlberg is the new drummer in Barbados. He seem to have all the energy it takes to play in the band. It will […]

High Jump

Trust – Galaxen World known high jumber Stefan Holm replaced Lasse Bengtsson. He talked about hope, patience and stubbornness. It was a appreciated lecture. /Anneli