The official Bounce movie from the Beat It tribute to Michael Jackson is now out. The movie is called  A dance tribute to Michael Jackson Stockholm. When Michael Jackson died […]

Training for the Beat It tribute in Stockholm The 8th of July 300 people and I (Anneli Fors) made a Michael Jackson, “Beat It” tribute in Stockholm. When all the […]

Yesterday Bounce, me and 300 other dancers did a tribute to Michael Jackson in the inner city of Stockholm. We performed at Sergelstorg, the Central station and Stureplan. We did […]

Michael Jackson the King of Pop

On Friday night I was reached by the message that Micheal Jackson is dead. When he died the world stood still. Michael Jackson had all the sing and dance talent […]

Forum days at Peace & Love

There are many workshops at Peace & Love. Monday I attended one in how to be a DJ. I got to know everything about cue and pitch by Playsister from […]

Marit Bergman Peace & Love

The National Road Administration arranges during the Peace and Love week a own festival:  The festival is a meeting between traffic, music, seriousness and fun. Visitors even get a band […]

Preparation for Peace & Love

The first Peace & Love visitors have arrived to Borlänge. Yesterday I meet a friendly gang of punk rockers that shouted and screamed: Hallo Borlänge!. The punk rockers were on […]

Midsummer in Dalarna

Midsummer is a fantastic time of the year. The midsummer night in Dalarna is bright and the daylight never ends. During midsummer I tried to catch the enchanting fog that […]

Helsinki Design

One week before midsummer I arrived in Helsinki. The rain and storm took my umbrella and put in two halves. The upper part rolled away and did almost stop the […]

Rix FM Festival

Rix FM Festival 2009 in Falun was a crowded event with a lot of famous and less famous artists: Star Pilots, Måns Zelmerlöw, BWO, Anders Fernette, Janet, Kim, Style and […]