Thank you all craftsmen for the fine work. Renovation takes time. Have a nice weekend!/Anneli

Dome Sky

“Kupolen”: Here in “Dalarna”, winter holds its grip. Spring looked like it was here for a while, but disappeared. In any case, there are plenty of colors.


“Siljansnäs”/”Falu Kammarkör”: Doctor David Lundblad gave the concert – Saturday a Evening gate to eternity. It was an anniversary of the Cultural Association. The gathering was appreciated.

Best Result

Congratulations Loreen! I hope Ruben Östlund wins three Oscars tonight./Anneli

Tough Final

“Melodifestivalen final”: There are 6 strong entries, which I believe due to positive vibes. These are Tatto, Air, Where you are, Never Give Up, One Day and Where did you […]


“Mello”: I hope Victor Crone goes to the finals./Anneli