Early Fire

This year, the May bonfires started early. It is possible to burn all kinds of things. It is effective with chairs. Spring is finally here, although there is snow left. […]


Clas Ohlson: In the shop in Insjön there is a museum with famous goods and pictures of Clas Ohlson and employees. The catalog has always been an important way to […]

Idea workshop

Clas Ohlson: A good idea is always worth a lot. Clas Ohlson has meant a lot for the development of Swedish industry and design. You could call it the paradise […]

Bus Stop

In Leksand, it has been realized that public transport can get nice design.

Best Result

Congratulations Loreen! I hope Ruben Östlund wins three Oscars tonight./Anneli

Tough Final

“Melodifestivalen final”: There are 6 strong entries, which I believe due to positive vibes. These are Tatto, Air, Where you are, Never Give Up, One Day and Where did you […]


“Mello”: I hope Victor Crone goes to the finals./Anneli

"Mello" Part 2

It’s hard to predict who will win this part. I look forward to the middle act with Linda Bengtzing and Magnus Carlsson./Anneli 🙂

Melody Festival 2023

The Christmas feeling is still here, when the Melody Festival starts. Some artists is missing and some will be interesting to see. 🙂