I have a broken modem, but I will be back soon. “Com Hem” has promised to save me. /Anneli 🙂

Today rehearsal for the Winter Concert. /Anneli 🙂


Helsinki I spent a few hours in Helsinki. The city has the best Christmas display that I have seen this year. Fantasy is a gift. They have a lot of […]


Christmas I look forward to Christmas and New Year. I gave some money to charity today. It is good to send a thought to those who have less. It is also […]

Blog Christmas

Happy Holiday! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I wish the best to all my readers and those who have contributed to this blog. In Borlänge it is raining. […]

Today: Thanks to all that listen to us in Mighty Voices and helped us collect money for the Philippines./Anneli


Light Yesterday the road to Torsång  in Borlänge was filled with light. In the end Santa Claus waited for children to make their wishes. They had lit a lot of […]

Kevin Walker

 Yesterday Kevin released his first album. It contains a lot of hits. Two of them are Belong and Say. The new Idol winner Kevin Walker got a lot of applause. […]

Erik Rapp

Idols Two of the new Idols came to Borlänge. Kevin Walker and Erik Rapp entered the new outside stage of Kupolen. It was a cold experience for the audience. It was […]


Snow Dalecarlia when the first snow has fallen is beautiful. Light a lantern. Wait for Santa Claus. Look out of the window and see the snow fall. This is a picture […]