Bäsna: A lot of nice items to look at in Bäsna Garden./Anneli


Bäsna: When the summer is as best!/Anneli

Church Renovation

Säter: It is not a new building. It is just a church renovation. /Anneli

New Moment

Summer: A magnificent sunset in Rättvik. /Anneli


Ludvika: Charlie Norman that grew up in Ludvika has his own place./Anneli


Orsa: When there is a lack of Midsummer the pirates have their own way of celebrating./Anneli 🙂


Santa World: The trolls that live with Santa sometimes take a vacation. /Anneli 🙂

Snail Race

Dalecarlia: I hope the situation in the world will go back to normal again. How many days more to wait. I’ll never know./Anneli 🙂

More Midsummer

Sollerön: In the end of the rainbow is a golden treasure./Anneli 🙂

Exhibition Outside

Hanser: Anders Hanser shows his pictures in Orsa. A wonderful exhibition with photos of famous people and interesting geografical places: ABBA, Kalle Moreus and Carola./Anneli Fors