New Paths

Finding new paths
is important.
The weather is
cold in Dalecarlia.
I wonder when
it will stop snowing.


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Spring 2018

The snow is beginning
to melt. The spring
has started, even if
it is hard to see.
I wonder when
I will be able to see
the first spring flowers.

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Snowy Park Bench

Melody Festival
Everything is not a walk
in the park. A  park bench in
snow is not so easy to sit down
on. Mendez song in
the Melody festival
is a hit. I hope that
it make it to the final.

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Heart Sign

Valentin's DayValentine’s Day
Today I found a
heart in the snow.
I hope that you all have
enjoyed the day.
It is important to
be a kind person.


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Barbados Party

Dance Band Week

It was no shuffle when
barbados entertained,
but a lot of party.
The hole boat rocked.


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Shop Signing

Dance Band Week
The Refreshments
entertained Sunday.
They signed autographs
in the shop. Always
nice when the artists
come out and
talk to the audience.

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Barbados has a new
hit. The band had a
massive and enthusiastic
audience that wanted
to see and hear them.
We all hope
that they stay.

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Dance Band Elite

Cinderella arranges since
a few years the dance band week.
Saturday was the last trip. The dance
band elite performed:
Barbados & Arvingarna.
Tony Irving teached
the right steps.

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Dance Band Week 2018

Surf on the happy moments.
Believe that everything is
possible. On board
Cinderella everything
can happen. In the foyer
”Östen” and friends

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Opening Ceremony

Romme Alpin

NHL hockey players
Anders Kallur,  Anders Hedberg
and Tomas Jonsson cut the ribbons.
It was a snowy and cold day.
A lot happens in Romme Alpin.


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