Light Roe Deers

Rådjur (1 av 1)Västerås
They made a good
job with all the light
in Västerås. In the
station they had an
exhibition with pictures
from the National museum
in Stockholm. I liked the iron
city at midsummer time.

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Schlager Theme

Magnus Carlsson Dansbandskalaset (1 av 1)“Dansbandskalaset”
The artist that we all been waiting
finally came. This time with
his successes from the Swedish Melody
Festival. He is also known as a
previous jury member of


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Mickeys Sångerska Dansbandskalaset (1 av 1)

The singer of Mickeys held
up the energy level with good
singing and dancing. Cecilia Ehrling
& Tobias Karlsson from
Let’s Dance also showed
a dance routine with
a lot of action chorography.

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Thomas Deutgen Dansbandskalaset (1 av 1)Dansbandskalaset
A lot of dance bands
meet yesterday in
Västerås. One of
the hosts were
Thomas Deutgen.
He is known from

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Light Tree

Light Tree (1 av 1)Västerås
I visited Västerås
yesterday. The city
was filled with light
sculptures. This is
outside IKEA.
Creativity is always

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Cold Winter

Winter Cold Dalecarlia (1 av 1)Snow
We thought that spring
were here, but now
it is cold. I hope that
the weather changes
this weekend. The light
is interesting this time
of year.

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Portal Dalecarlia

Portal Säter Dalarna (1 av 1)Säter
In Dalecarlia it is a
lot of beautiful portals.
It triggers the fantasy.
Dalecarlia is in the
grip of freezing
cold weather.


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Musical DVD

The way we sing Musicals (1 av 1)-2The Way we sing Musicals
This week I got the first
singing DVD I ever
occured in. It is for
private use and not
for sale. It will be interesting
to watch the concert
DVD this weekend.

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Go On Boogie

Melody Festival: Good and positive finalists this week./Anneli :-)

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Spring 2017

Is 2017_A (1 av 1)Melting
Some say that the
spring has started
now. The snow
is melting.
The sun is


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