My third visit to Gotland took place a sunny day in July. Visby the town of roses is always nice to visit. /Anneli

Victor Crone

Åfesten 2019: Victor Crone performed this year in the Eurovision Song Contest. He was one of the artists in RIX FM’s Moving Start party. It was a nice surprise. I […]

Happy Music

”Åfesten 2019”: Barbados always deliver good music and a happy feeling. It is nice with town festivals that make people come together. /Anneli

Town Festival

“Åfesten”: A summer with out Barbados is no summer. Digital backgrounds lift the performance. Technology and music is a good mix./Anneli

Creek Festival 2019

“Åfesten 2019” in Falun a few weeks ago was a event filled with artists: Barbados, Titanix, Larz-Kristerz, Stiko Per Larsson, Nordman and Victor Crone to mention a few./Anneli


Henrik Strömberg and the rest of Scotts sang everything from popular songs to hard rock. It was a crowded event. People stayed until the end. /Anneli


Ludvika 100 years: Lasse Stefanz was not the only dance band. Scotts also entertained. Henrik Stömberg is in the photo./Anneli


Olle Jönsson is the lead singer of Lasse Stefanz. The band played in Ludvika during the celebration of Ludvika turning 100 years./Anneli

Ludvika in Centre

A new international water sculpture can be seen in one street of Ludvika. The colors changes from minute to minute./Anneli

Ludvika 100 Years

For a few days a year Ludvika turns into a tourist magnet with a lot of boats, artist, food and a lot of visitors. /Anneli