Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth gave the world stability. My heart goes to the Royal family and the people of the United Kingdom./Anneli

People's Park

Västerås: Magnus Carlsson performed in Västerås. The man behind “Kom Hem”, Thomas Törnblom was the host. Västerås is always a nice place to visit a concert. Good artists and arrangements! […]


Rättvik: This years most memorable sign!

Stage Summer

Ludvika: “Scensommar” is Luvika’s new event. Saturday was rainy. Thomas Stenström performed./Anneli

Rhapsody Happening

Saints & Sinners! Dalhalla Photo: Anneli Fors 🙂 Adverting Image with great light: Thomas Engström

Rhapsody Magnus

Peace: Another magic moment in Dalhalla was when Magnus ´Carlsson sang “She”. I also will remember when Svenne Hedlund sang “I Natt jag drömde”. /Anneli

Magical Dalhalla

Rhapsody in Rock: This years Rhapsody in Rock was a magical experience. This celebration concert: Robert Wells, Maria Wells, Jay Osmond, Anders Bagge, Svenne Hedlund, LaGaylia, Magnus Carlsson & Jakob […]