Teknikdalen Vinter (1 av 1)Dalarna Science Park

Sometimes I look down
on the ground and
something small
turn into something
I did not expect.
Everything is possible!

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Snow Gun

Romme Alpin Snömaskin (1 av 1)”Romme Alpin”

Being a tourist in your
own town is always interesting.
Romme Alpin has got a facelift since
last season. It is cold, but they
still make a lot of snow.


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Put Away Christmas

Sista tecken på jul (1 av 1)Christmas Sign
Today I found one
of the last signs of
Christmas. It is time
to put away all Christmas
things. It is always a bit
sad. I look forward to spring.


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Best Ad

This is what I call good advertising: Non Smoking Campaign./Anneli

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Cold Weather


In Borlänge the first
days of 2017 has been
sunny and snowy.
It is nice to go inside
when the weather
is cold.

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Nostalgia Trip

Nice memories: Herreys

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New Year 2017

This will be a good year.
It was a lot of fireworks
this evening. The autumn
has been long. This New
Year is one of the warmest
I can remember. I wish you
all a Happy New Year!

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This year I have
performed in winner,
musical, Motown &
Simon & Garfunkel tribute
concerts. Thank you all celebrities
that allowed me to photograph!
Happy New Year!

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Clas Yngström played
tonight. He is a Swedish
guitar hero from Borlänge.

This night Yngstöm
was an welcome

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Band Meeting

This was the night
when female singers
shined, especially
Emelie Lööf Band
& Get Lifted. This
is Susanna Ottosson
previous choir leader
of Mighty Voices./Anneli

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