Nature Calling

Dalecarlia: The nature is still there. Take a walk and keep a distance./Anneli

Autumn Sunset

Rättvik: The view of Siljan is breathtaking. This photo is from the beginning of the autumn./Anneli

Hall of Fame

Mello: Magnus Carlsson and Jan Johansen got a place in the Hall of Fame. Voting helps! Magic is also good! Congratulations! /Anneli


Kupolen: People stay at home, but Christmas is soon here. Avoid travels if possible. /Anneli

Magnus Carlsson: Vote for Magnus Carlsson! Hall of Fame! Just a few hours left today.

Dance Band Christmas

2020: Today they showed a bit of the best dance band history on SVT. Modern dance bands like Barbados and Arvingarna changed the sound forever. /Anneli


Borlänge: The wings of history is interesting./Anneli

Hope Light

Dalecarlia: Autumn Light! I think there is hope for the future./Anneli

Vote US!

Election: November is here! I am waiting for the result from the election. I hope for a better world./Anneli

Sir Sean Connery

October Fog: The first Bond Sir Sean Connery died yesterday. He was a great actor and it will leave a hole in the Hollywood sky. I feel with all those […]