Still Winter

Sun: This winter more looks like autumn, but it is still very cold. The sun has returned to Dalecarlia. /Anneli


A new year has begun: A new year and a lot of things to do. Is there one piece in the puzzle  which might wrap all these things up? /Anneli

Choir! Choir!

Pop- & rockkören: We in the choir are back! Click on the headline to see the link! 🙂


Happy New Year 2020!/Anneli

Winter View

Do something for humanity! Stop smoking! Think about the climate! Be kind! Hug a friend! /Anneli

Santa Sleeping

Time for Santa Claus to go to bed. Santa comes when people are sleeping, but now it is his turn. It is New Year’s Eve. Sleep well! /Anneli


Nanne Grönvall came to Borlänge during Christmas Day. She rocked! Her energy leaves no one uneffected. Nanne delivered a lot of hits.  It is easy to get jealous of her […]

Merry Christmas 2019

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Congratulation HM Queen Silvia! This summer we in Borlänge got a wonderful visit from HM King Carl XVI Gustaf […]

Happy Audience

Robin Bengtsson performed onboard Cinderella. Next year he will compete in the Melody Festival. I look forward to hear his contribution. A happy audience! /Anneli

Avesta Christmas

A nice Christamas view from Avesta. Lights always makes this time of year a little bit brighter. /Anneli