Congratulation Crone/Estonia! Sweden have two good chances to win Eurovision./Anneli

Air Crew

The Pop- & Rock Choir :We have a whole fantastic team working behind us for example light, sound, film, photographer and cafeteria.Thank You! /Anneli

Flight 1900

The Pop- & Rock Choir: Thank you all for taking Flight 1900 Travelers to the Choir World. Hope to see you all soon again. /Anneli

Samba & Tango

Cinderella: You should not miss to take dance lessons with Tony Irving and Cecilia Erling. Four lessons this spring: Salsa, Samba, Walz and Tango. Thank you for good lessons./Anneli

A. Olsson

Sannex: The singer Andreas Olsson gave the performance life when he left the stage and sang among the audience. It was a good event!/Anneli

Sannex Members

Sannex is one of Sweden’smost famous dance bands. It is good thing when members come out to meet their audience./Anneli


Sannex performed onboard Cinderella. Every dance band has their own style. Many find Sannex music easy to dance to. In the photo: Jon-Emil Ocarsson. /Anneli


Pop- & Rockkören: Photographer Lars Dafgård from DT came to our choir practice. Article is on the way. Our concert Travelers is Monday and Tuesday next week. Do not forget […]

Disco Light

Light effects are always nice. Dalecarlia’s best disco light you find in Torp. The name does not go along with the effects, but John Travolta would be lyrical./Anneli