Orsa: Beach

Sunset: In Dalecarlia you do not need to go far to find a beach. The one in Orsa is the best. /Anneli

Eden: Dalecarlia

Strandbacken: A week a ago I visited Strandbacken for the first time. Dala-Floda was by Carl von Linné called the Eden of Dalecarlia./Anneli


Dala-Floda: The Folkets Park in Dala-Floda is rare example that people put an effort to renovate historical places. Important initiative!  


Gagnef: The Folkets Park Ängsholn is a recreations space without almost no events in times of COVID-19. I hope for music arrangements in the future! /Anneli


Hedemora: Where the rainbow ends is a treasure! The weather is changing./Anneli


Stora Skedvi: Kulinariet is a place where you can find quality food. Keep a distance that is a good message during this season./Anneli

Eco Apples

Ecomuseum: Apples might be the first sign of autumn. We depend on nature to survive. /Anneli


Ludvika: The sun was shining in Ludvika. Interesting to take part of the history. /Anneli

Wild Horses

Ludvika: Make a painting if something is grey. /Anneli

Natural Summer

Dalecarlia: This has been a summer near nature, but Midsummer was not as usual. /Anneli