Restaurant Lion

An magnificat lion has come to Borlänge. I found him outside a restaurant. Fantasy makes a dark autumn night a little bit brighter./Anneli

Contrast Light

Light art! Look carefully! Find things you do not expect! Cold! Dark! Contrast! /Anneli

International Level

”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”: Only a complete artist can make a show sparkle. Magnus Carlsson has it all singing, dancing and showmanship. In his show he also has four […]

Alcazar Era

”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”: Magnus Carlsson was a part of Alcazar before he began his solo career. The group had great success in Europé. This is a photo from […]

Last FBtGS

”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”: I visited the last perfomance at Circus in Stockholm. The show had a higher speed and was more compact than the first time I visited […]

Barbados Fever

“Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”:The success all started with a lot of Barbados hits. Magnus fantastic voice catched the Swedish audience. Wonderful to hear all the good music again. /Anneli


Cirkus: Magnus Carlsson celebrated 25 years as an artist with the show ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”. Spectacular beginning of the performance. One of the best show numbers  I ever […]

DJ Clabbe

Cinderella: 80’s Night appeale to many. Claes af Geijerstam won the Melody Festival 1973. He has been a part of ABBA’s world tours as a sound engineer. This evening was […]

Autumn View

I look out over the lake. The view is beatiful this time of the year. Wonderful! Cold! Clear! /Anneli

Christmas Expedition

Christmas starts early in some stores. I always have holiday expectations. What expectations do you have? Where will your Christmas expedition take you this year. /Anneli