Schlager Time

Saturday: The Second Chance may be hard to predict. Eva & Ewa might be good spice in the final. To see links click on the headline./Anneli

Ice Art

Spring: The ice is dangerous this time of the year. Stay away! /Anneli

Fourth Episode

Melody Festival: This year a lot of good artists compete in the contest. I keep my fingers crossed for Tusse in the final, that study in Borlänge. Perelli, Anton Ewald, […]

Little Things

Dalecarlia: A small effort can make a big diffence…


Tomorrow: Happy Valentine’s Day!/Anneli

Max Weekend

Dalecarlia: This weekend the Max happenings continue. The second ”Mello” event will be interesting to watch./Anneli


Borlänge: Max in Kupolen is the second in Borlänge. The chain plants trees to compensate.They want to make the environment in the world better./Anneli


Borlänge: A new restaurant opend yesterday in Kupolen. I was one of the first visitors./Anneli

C.O. Museum

Insjön: The Clas Ohlson museum has a lot of nostalgia. It is worth a visit. /Anneli