Notre Dame Fire

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire. I am most grateful that I had the opportunity to visit the building some years ago. Sad to see this historic building burn. […]


Easter is soon here. Turbo the cat inspects this years decorations. What does your decorations look like? Happy Holiday! /Anneli

Business Days

IKEA, Varie and Acendo held lectures about a world in change. People want a sustainable future och kindly treatment. Is this possible when smart cities are the new thing?/Anneli

Consert Travelers

Pop- & Rockkören– May  13 & 14– 19.00– Lugnet Church– Falun– Tickets:– When you order write: “Anneli Fors” in the box “Comments/Kommentarer”. Thank You!


The man behind the hits Boten Anna and Dota came to Liljan/ Borlänge. This night as live DJ. A lot of smoke and light effects. /Anneli


It is not every day that I shake hand with the Prime Minister. I have never seen so many municipal commissioner in one place. /Anneli


The Prime Minister Stefan Löven & Minister for Defence Peter Hultquist came to Falun yesterday. The main message was: Vote in re-election! /Anneli


I am updating my website. Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Make every effort to modernise! Anneli


One of my favorite restaurants in Dalecarlia is ”Dalarasten”. The restaurant is a nice place with good food. Just refurbished! /Anneli

Girl Power

Aly is one of the companies that was represented at the UF Convent in Kupolen a few days ago. Each bracelet has a message. Their slogan: ”Make a statement and […]