Rhapsody Happening

Saints & Sinners! Dalhalla Photo: Anneli Fors 🙂 Adverting Image with great light: Thomas Engström


Falun: I found a sign of peace! This could be any color!/Anneli

Exhibition Outside

Hanser: Anders Hanser shows his pictures in Orsa. A wonderful exhibition with photos of famous people and interesting geografical places: ABBA, Kalle Moreus and Carola./Anneli Fors

Autumn Sunset

Rättvik: The view of Siljan is breathtaking. This photo is from the beginning of the autumn./Anneli

Orsa: Beach

Sunset: In Dalecarlia you do not need to go far to find a beach. The one in Orsa is the best. /Anneli

”Haute Papier”

”Magasinet”: The fantastic exhibition ”Everything You Can Imagine is Real” is worth a visit. Bea Szenfeld show her ”Haute Papier”-collection. The creative initiative is a cooperation between Bea Szenfeld, Pompe […]

Water Flowers

Dalecarlia: Water Lilies are usual this time of the year: white, yellow or even red. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world. /Anneli

Soon Midsummer

Dalecarlia: This will be a midsummer that we will all remember. Nature look the same, but maybe the colours are a bit brighter./Anneli


Galaxy: The sun was shining on the way back from Ă…bo. A few in the audience got the opportunity to photograph a happy Magnus Carlsson. His performance was great and […]