Best New Year speech: Lena Olin 🙂

Happy New Year

I hope for peace and health in the world. I hope that people will be kind and help each other. I hope for wisdom. Happy New Year!/Anneli

Sunny Christmas

“Ă„nglarnas Tid/Vallby”: Magnus Carlsson is the king of Christmas tours. He sang Hallejuha and a new beautiful song by Niklas Dackborn and Py Bäckman./Anneli

Angel Jubilee

“Ă„nglarnas Tid” came to Vallby. Magnus Carlsson is always the best way to start Christmas. A magic moment in November. /Anneli

Rhapsody Happening

Saints & Sinners! Dalhalla Photo: Anneli Fors 🙂 Adverting Image with great light: Thomas Engström

Hide Gifts

Where to hide your Christmas gift. 🙂/Anneli

Borlänge Today

A nice view of Borlänge. There will be better times. I hope the pandemic is over soon. Distance: A Advent Concert can make the Day. Click on the headline to […]