Cinderella received an honorable visit from Leif Kronlund. Sway was part of the repertuar.

Celebrate spring

Have a nice May Day. It’s time to celebrate that spring is here. It’s more of a centuries-old tradition. Congratulations to all of you who have birthdays around the start […]

Early Fire

This year, the May bonfires started early. It is possible to burn all kinds of things. It is effective with chairs. Spring is finally here, although there is snow left. […]


Clas Ohlson: In the shop in Insjön there is a museum with famous goods and pictures of Clas Ohlson and employees. The catalog has always been an important way to […]

Idea workshop

Clas Ohlson: A good idea is always worth a lot. Clas Ohlson has meant a lot for the development of Swedish industry and design. You could call it the paradise […]


In Dalarna it is still winter and lots of snow.

Rommi 2023

Rommi is Romme Alpin’s mascot. He livens up the mood. During Easter, the resort has a lot of visitors.


Hedemora: The only thing left of the Vikings are these burial mounds.