A Happy New Year

Christmas is the time of the year when people travel far to meet near and dear. Angels are watching over us and you miss those that can not be with […]

Many Santa Clauses

As I wrote in my latest article the yearly Christmas window display took place in Borlänge this weekend. The city of Borlänge was filled with lights and at least 5 […]


Darin performed in Borlänge. Yesterday the yearly Christmas window display took place in Borlänge. The former Idol competitor Darin was the main attraction for the shopping centre Kupolen. Next week […]

Herman Lindquist

Herman Lindquist visited Borlänge this Friday and held a lecture about Madame de Pompadour. Herman Lindquist writes in his new book that Madame de Pompadour was born as Jeanne Poisson […]

Dala Digital Lounge 2008

Yesterday I competed for the first time in the competition Dala Digital Lounge (Dala Digital Salong) that is arranged by Gagnef photo club. The jury consisted of Carl Axel Svensson, […]

Inspiration day: Hidayet Tercan

Hidayet Tercan held an inspiration lecture in Borlänge about not being scared and that people can create their own possibilities. She came to Sweden as a refugee and her first […]

The winner Barack Obama

Congratulations President Barack Obama. The US election has come to an end. Barack Obama won and now we all hope for a better world economy and environment. We also hope that […]

Halloween Cycle Cross

When people celebrate Halloween, some instead compete in cycle cross. The costumes are different, but might as well be just as scary. Today there was a cycle cross competition in […]

Sprida's Hollywood touch

The Advertising Agency Sprida has obtained new premises. Sprida opened its doors to the public today. The old cinema Palladium has been rebuilt to a modern office. On the motion […]

The lonely planet

We live on a lonely planet without any official connection to any other planet. If we destroy this planet we can not escape anywhere else. Water is a scarce resource […]