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Day 2 P&L: Bird in trouble

Dogge_Doggelitio_Peace_and_LovePeace & Love

Dogge Doggelito

Today I came home from a concert with Dogge Doggelito, when I found a note on my door. The text was as follows:

“We sat by the tower outside and discovered that there was a bird outside your window that is stuck. Maybe you could help the bird. It would be a friendly thing to do to the poor bird.

Love & peaceful greetings

Three animal friends”

Under the text the three animal friends had drawn a heart.


I found the bird struggling for its life. The bird’s foot was stuck in a paper string. I took my brush to help the poor thing, but it was not long enough. I found two bamboo sticks and tied them together, but the paper sting would not break.

I found someone with more courage that put a knife on the bamboo sticks and could cut the bird loose. The little bird could fly again.

This a true story of real Peace & Love. The bird got his freedom.

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Day 1 P&L: Elephants & Camels

Camel_MaximumPeace & Love’s first day was a calm day, so calm that I decided to see if I could find my old photo models from Circus Maximum. That is two beautiful elephants that work at the circus.

This year there was three elephants. The elephants were taking a shower and danced to the beat of the water. It was only thirty minutes until they should make there big performance. The light was magical like it only can be in the fairytale land of the elephants.

After the performance the camels was enjoying the sun.

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V&D Wedding

Victoria_daniel_weddingIt was a magical day the day when Daniel got his Victoria and he became the new prince of Sweden. 500 000 people waited on the streets and outside the castle to be able to have a little part of the wedding. True love never ends and we all got a happy ending.

I saw Victoria & Daniel three times. The first I saw them was outside NK in there horse and carriage. The second time I saw them was when they arrived at the castle. The third time I saw them were on the balcony, when Victoria made a speech and had the opportunity to thank the Swedish people for her prince.

It was a happy day that people that visited Stockholm that day will remember for the rest of there life.

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Rework for a better world

reworkImagine a place were people decide to meet and better solutions for the world. That is what Rework is all about. Water is running out in the world. Many people are starving in the world while the soil is getting poisoned. The globe needs a change in the right direction. When politicians and big leaders meet young people new ideas are created.

On the event I had the opportunity to photograph Hans Rosling one of the big thinkers of our time and Bo Ekman the founder of Tällberg foundation. The last one I photographed in front of Hildas Holm. The house is one of the most beautiful places in Leksand.

The next time Rework takes place in Alexandria.

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Rework the world

rework_tallberg_foundationTomorrow something interesting happens in Leksand. Rework the world takes place in Leksand: 2-5 june. The global conference is about youth, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Rework is a partnership between Tällberg Foundation, Yes Inc. & LSU.

The theme of the conference: energy, water, land, cities and people. It is important that people get together and discuss how we can save the world. I will be there and photograph the event.

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