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Feng Shui

feng_shuiThis beautiful view makes me think of Feng Shui. Feng Shui can be translated as wind-water. It is the practice of bringing harmony and peace into people’s life.

Feng Shui was invented in ancient time, about 3000 years ago. Balance in life is important, but I find energy in nature.

I do not know if it helps just to decorate your home differently.

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pionFriday was suddenly so sunny that all you want is to find some shadow. Visitors at work were eating a lot of ice cream and using their creativity with a smile.

Today it is raining again and I am happy that to be at home finding new angels to Ingmar Bergman.

On the picture there is a beautiful peony.

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Idyllic spot

Summer flowers
I am at place with a very idyllic atmosphere and a lot of flowers. People are smiling and dog wags their tails.

blommor_idyllSummer flowers

I am at place with a very idyllic atmosphere and a lot of flowers. People are smiling and dogs wag their tails.

Summer in Dalecarlia/”Dalarna” when it is as best. The reason people visit this area.

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Cascades of water

bulllerforsen“Bullerforsen”: I swim a lot in the summer, but this summer the weather has not allowed it. It has been a lot walking instead.

“Bullerforsen”, a rapid near a place I used to live has cascades of water, because of all the raining.

It is worth a visit.

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Historical environment

ornasstugan“Ornässtugan”: The sun finally came to Borlänge. This Sunday I took a walk in a historical environment.

“Ornässtugan”, a large cottage outside Borlänge is one of Sweden’s oldest museums. This cottage is famous because Gustav Wasa hided there, before he became the king of Sweden.

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Diggiloo 2012

diggiloo_dalhalla What a great show! The film theme was as made for me. The performance also had a touch of Italy. A lot of beautiful duets with Magnus Carlsson, Jessica Andersson and Charlotte Perrelli: The time of my life, Come what may and “För kärlekens skull”. These artists also had magnificent individual performances. Perrelli made a tribute to Whitney Houston, that passed away to early.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of my favourite songs. Fridha is a very good singer. I think that this tour will continue to “Eason down the road”. I liked the chorography of this show. All this beautiful music warmed a frozen soul on row 39.

The time of my life
Förkärlekens skull
The Wiz – Official Trailer
Elephant Medley – Moulin Rouge

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Dalhalla Diggiloo


Dalhalla Diggiloo 2012


– Excellente!

I will give you a full report tomorrow!

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The universe

lakeThis is an extremely harmonious summer for me. This is the view that I have when I take a walk before work. It is a jetty out by the lake. I sit on this jetty sometimes. It feels like you are in the middle of the universe.

Where does the water end and the heaven begins?

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Social media

fiskarThe expression Social Media is often used for activates that combine technology, social interaction and materials produced by the users.

Sometimes you put out things on the Internet and then it starts to live its own life. In 2008 I wrote this and now it has been published on a lot of sites around the world:
The Power of social media when creating business networks: MBA thesis in marketing

When using social media it easily becomes too many accounts. Who do you delete an account? This site helps you find the sites that help you to end an account:

Delete an account

I hope that this information will help someone. It is easy to get lost in social media jungle.

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strutsBorlänge has an ostrich farm. It is possible for tourists to visit the farm. Ostriches are cute birds that with dinosaur feets and enormous wings. Then they put out their wings and run they would easily fit into Disney’s Fantasia. 🙂

The bird on the picture was a curious one that wanted to know what that camera was all about.

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