August 2012

If your will and your fantasy go together you can get all the strength you need, but fantasy is the strongest. /Anneli

Higland Cattle

Highland Calf We do not have any zoological parks in Borlänge, but we have a lot of Highland Cattle. They work better than any lawn mower. 🙂 On the picture […]

Niel Armstrong dead

The first man on the moon is dead: It is a sad day.The first man on the moon, Niel Armstrong died yesterday at the age of 82.  Niel Armstrong was […]


Chasing rainbow: I wonder how things work in the world. I found one of those beautiful rainbows and tried to get a good spot to take a photograph from. I […]

Miracles at Café P&L

Peace & Love: Björn Ranelid held a lecture at Peace & Love Café in Borlänge. Björn Ranelid thought that if Bob Dylan can go to Borlänge, so could he. Borlänge […]

Content Marketing

“Skriv –för att bli läst”/Write to be read: Today I was too early for at meeting, but found a library to entertain me. Tomas Lindblom has written a book about […]

Dallas is back

Dallas: Everything is like it used to be in Dallas, but some of them seem to know about peak oil. I read in a book that Ingmar Bergman stayed home […]

Dr Alban

Dr Alban and Ankie Bagger made a 90’s revival in Borlänge tonight. It was good show. They sang “This is my life” and then the power failure made the stage […]

Vehicle surprise

Borlänge: I went to the movie to see Total Recall to see Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale in action. Got out from the movie and found my self in the […]

Euphoria video

Maybe I am the last person to find the official video: Euphoria. It contains a lot of fog and rain. That is things that I like, special effects.  A little […]