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If your will and your fantasy go together you can get all the strength you need, but fantasy is the strongest. /Anneli

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Higland Cattle

highland_cattleHighland Calf
We do not have any zoological parks in Borlänge, but we have a lot of Highland Cattle. They work better than any lawn mower. 🙂

On the picture is one of the calves.

Cute calf

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Niel Armstrong dead

Moon-at-the-day-Niel-Armstrong-diedThe first man on the moon is dead:
It is a sad day.The first man on the moon, Niel Armstrong died yesterday at the age of 82.  Niel Armstrong was the commander of the US Apollo spacecraft. The astronaut made one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. He made people believe in a bright future. Rest in peace Niel Armstrong and I hope that we all can continue to believe in a better world. The picture show the moon the day Niel Armstrong died. Can you see it?

ABC News
The Washington Post

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countryChasing rainbow: I wonder how things work in the world. I found one of those beautiful rainbows and tried to get a good spot to take a photograph from.

I ended up photographing something totally different and in the background I heard someone sing: “New York, New York” from a church. This was not the thing I planed to do today.

I thought I would photograph authors at a Liturature Day, maybe  Boppers own Peter Jezewski, Ulrik Munther or Ica Age Sid at “Insjödagen”, but as they sang in the church in the background:
“- I did it my way”.

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Miracles at Café P&L

bjorn_ranelidPeace & Love: Björn Ranelid held a lecture at Peace & Love Café in Borlänge. Björn Ranelid thought that if Bob Dylan can go to Borlänge, so could he. Borlänge is a centre for of music, but it is difficult to find. It is not enough signs. Ranelid believe in miracles and that words are important . My interpretation of his message is that he hopes for peace and that a correct language makes it easier to communicate with people.

Yours truly believe that the language should depend on the target group.

Melodifestival Leksand

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Content Marketing

fisk“Skriv –för att bli läst”/Write to be read:

Today I was too early for at meeting, but found a library to entertain me.

Tomas Lindblom has written a book about how you can write to be read. In is book he compare different bloggers style of writing. Some write to create relations with their readers and some just wants to give their point of the world. The first group often use spoken language and the second group uses a more formal writing. Lindblom upholds that how you should write depends on wish target group you have and what they expect.

For me I still swim in the social media pound, but in “IRL” I finally fooled the rain and took my first outside swim for the summer. 🙂

Metro-Write to be read

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Dallas is back

bootsDallas: Everything is like it used to be in Dallas, but some of them seem to know about peak oil.

I read in a book that Ingmar Bergman stayed home from is own premières to see Dallas.

I wonder if that is true?

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Dr Alban

dr_alban_borlangeDr Alban and Ankie Bagger made a 90’s revival in Borlänge tonight. It was good show. They sang “This is my life” and then the power failure made the stage totally black and silent, but they found the problem and the show could go on.

Ankie Bagger started her carrier singing behind Lili and Sussie and had a breakthrough with “People Say it is in the Air”. Dr Alban is known for hits like “Hello Africa” and “One Love”.

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Vehicle surprise

heaven_roadBorlänge: I went to the movie to see Total Recall to see Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale in action.

Got out from the movie and found my self in the middle of a lot of black smog. I do not understand the fun with hundreds of mopeds rider in a long caravan. Maybe I had a total recall or maybe I just do not understand why some people do not have any environmental thinking.

It had been nice to be somewhere else. 🙂

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Euphoria video

loreen_efterfesten_ludvikaMaybe I am the last person to find the official video: Euphoria. It contains a lot of fog and rain. That is things that I like, special effects.  A little bit of  Twilight and Gladiator feeling in this video.

This evening I went to another forest and I finally got some fresh air.

Euphoria video

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