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Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate


In the woods outside Gävle you can find a Chinese centre. I walked a bit of the Chinese Wall.

With a lot of replicas you can almost believe that you are in the China.

When Sweden still was in the Iron Age, people in China had began there way to “High Culture”.

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Touch of the Light

Touch of the LightPeace & Love Filmfestival

Touch of the Light is a very beautiful movie made by the director Chang Jung-Chi. The movie is about a blind musician and a female dancer, that find friendship and love.

The two main male characters showed up in Borlänge. The leading one played Bumblebee on an ID-card and sounded better than I ever heard it before. Actors in this movie: Huang Yu-Siang, Sandrine Pinna and Lee Lieh Shining.

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Body Fat Index of Love

Miina Maasola and Mikko NousiainePeace & Love Filmfestival

Body Fat Index of Love/Rakkauden rasvaprosentti: A movie with a very strange title, but a very good movie. It is a romantic comedy about two hard working people that is trying to get their lives to work smoothly.

A movie made by the director Mikko Kuparinen. The leading actors is Miina Maasola  and Mikko Nousiainen. They all took part of the festival and gave an interesting view of movie making.

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Jonathan Persson - Linda MolinPeace & Love Film Festival

A film festival is in town. It all started Sunday with “Dalarna’s Film Festival”. The director Jonathan Persson and the actrise Linda Molin told the audience about their new film: “Naomi och Hjärtekrossarna”/ Naomi and the Heatbreakers.

The settings are in Dalarna. This year the film won the award for best Swedish shortfilm. The whole film is now out on the Internet.

Yesterday the festival showed: Enter the Dragon. I missed Flashdance and Five Dances. The beginning of the week was busy.

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Flower Crown


Celebrating midsummer can be fun.

People are happy and the sun is shining. The photo shows a bit of this years flower crown.
/Anneli 🙂

Flower Crown

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Have a happyday everybody. /Anneli 🙂

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Unusual flower


Blue Papaver

Blue Papaver grows in my backyard. Each time I look my neighbours have changed something.

When you see all the flowers you know that it is midsummer soon. One of the best day of the year, when it do not get dark.

/Anneli 🙂

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Happy Day

Today was a happy day at sea … /Anneli 🙂

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RoseSSAB & Open Stage

Mighty Voices made our first performance at “Gammelgården” in Borlänge. SSAB had an activity day for their employees.

Later in the afternoon we sang at the terrass of “Galaxen” in Borlänge. A lot of artist had gathered to be a part of the event: Open Stage. It was a day of music.

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Opera GothenburgThe Opera House in Gothenburg

Now it is one week until midsummer. The night in Gothenburg was bright and warm one week ago.

The famous Opera House in Gothenburg has a nice silhouette.

It is the best time of the year. I wish it could be like this
all year long.

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