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Red Dragon


I found this dragon in the store NK. The last remains of the holidays.
I wonder who bought him. I guess Bukowskis got a lot of offers.

This is the year of the horse.

/Anneli 🙂

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I visited Stockholm’s first shopping Centre a week ago. I like that they have saved the Christmas lights. January needs a lot of light.

I hope for warmer weather.


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Virtual Heaven

carl_rombo_headI annan himmel

The opera “I another heaven” is the world’s first opera about love on the Internet. About a week ago I took some photos in the Eric Ericson International Choral Centre (EIC). This is one of them: Karl Rombo.

It will be interesting to follow the project until it becomes a complete opera./Anneli

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Last weekend I visited Stockholm. It was cold and decided to visit the shopping centre in Solna. If you look up you can find art that you did not expect. Architecture can have interesting forms that reminds you of eternity.


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moderna_museetA bright Idea

Sometimes you just pass something that you have to look at and photograph. At the Museum of Modern Art I found this installation. I guess it is a picture of a bright idea. Good ideas is what makes the world develop.


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Le Grand Opéra

Eric Ericson International Choral Centre”I annan Himmel”
Last Saturday the second test of  the opera “In another Heaven” took place in the Eric Ericson International Choral Centre. A few scenes were shown. Two charismatic singers have the leading roles: Karl Rombo & Karin Ingebäck. The story is a true document of our time. It was a performance with a lot of energy.


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Cold Outside


It is cold outside and all you want to do is to get inside. How ever the snow makes the environment brighter and the long autumn is over at last.

This will be a good year.


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New Opera

“I annan himmel”: On Saturday Ivan and Amora get some more life. 

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Winter Concert

New Year FashionWinter Concert

Before New Year we in Mighty Voices sang in the church of Sollerön/”Sollerö kyrka”. This is a few articles from the event.

Before Winter Concert
After Winter Concert

The photo is from Helsinki.

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Open Day: SVT


This weekend SVT in Falun opened the door for visitors. The local office is since more than two years situated in the same area as the museum of Dalecarlia/”Dalarnas museum”.

It was nice to see the studio where the local news is produced. The device on the picture is for sound.

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