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In Stockholm they are counting bikes. I wonder so few are using the bicycle.A city with over 1 million inhabitants and only a little bit more than 5000 are using it in the inner city. I also wonder how many it would be in Borlänge if we had a counter. An environmental competition would be nice. I guess Västerås would win. It is the most cycle friendly city./Anneli

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Some birds are cute and have an unusual interest in humans. This is one of those birds. In the harbour of Stockholm I meet him. Everything was peacefull until this bird made the decision to take a bite of someone’s shoe. The bird thought it was good food, but ended up knowing that it was not eatable. Good that it was not my shoe. /Anneli 🙂

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When I came to Stockholm a weak ago the weather was warm and I could not see any raindrops.  I hope the warm weather is here to stay.

This is what it looked like in the inner centre of Stockholm.


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Special Edition

magnus_carlsson_bingolottoBingo Lotto

Last week Bingo Lotto celebrated Easter in grand style. Linda Bengtzing, Magnus Carlsson, Christer Sjögren and Oscar Zia hosted the show. The audience was younger than usual and moved with the music. Bingo: Two dance-band kings in one picture. /Anneli 🙂

Linda Bengtzing och Magnus Carlsson

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First Summer Day


When I first came to Gothenburg a week ago it was no leaves on the trees. Saturday morning it was all green and the trees had got leaves. This is what it look like in the middle of Gothenburg. The trees had a lot of flowers.


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I like that more and more cities lend bicycles to there citizens. Borlänge has not come so far, but these orange bicycles are a part of Danish environment strategy. I am waiting to see some outside IKEA or Kupolen.


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fartygHappy Holiday

There are many way to travel. This ship would be nice to travel with. I have been away for a few days: Gothenburg – Denmark – Stockholm. In Denmark it was already summer. I hope that you all had a nice Easter.


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A happy Easter from Denmark!/Anneli

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LampsShopping Centre

Since I last visited Avesta they have refreshed the shopping centre. The house has become bluer than ever. It is shining.

Here are the new lamps inside.


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Next week it is Easter. Happy Easter Everyone!


Easter 2013
Good Friday

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