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“A Choir Experience”

FlowersMighty Voices 

We in Mighty Voices had a nice choir weekend. It is easy to be happy when you sing in the sun. Thank you Repbäcken for this time. We had an good audience. Next consert is ” A Choir Experiece”.

“A Choir Experience”

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Music Weekend


Mighty Voices

This weekend Mighty Voices repeat in Fornby where it alls started. The weekend ends with a concert in Repbäcken. Next major event is a concert in Kvarnsveden. I hope that you all have a few nice days in the sun. /Anneli

Photo: Anneli Fors

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Little Consert

Mighty Voices
25 th of  May – Sunday: 19.00 Repbäcken’s Village

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Another study of nature. When the weather is nice in Dalecarlia it is easy to get lyrical.

I get a lot of energy when the sun shines.


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FlowerSummer Start

I think it is unusually green this year. I see flowers that usually do not show up until the middle of June.

Today I publish one more of those flower pictures.


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yellow_1724_flowersMighty Voices

It has been a sunny weekend. Took some tours on the bicycle. I hope that the summer is here to stay.  Today we in Mighty Voices rehearsed. Now we have a chorographer. I can’t wait to get some new steps.


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hjarta_03Fredrik Swahn

It is soon summer. This midsummer Petra Kvännå and we in Mighty Voices performs in Stjärnsund.

The members vary from time to time.

Stjärnsund 21 st June

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Space science is interesting. Recently ESA visited Borlänge with a space exhibition. They showed how they study comets.

It will be interesting to see what they will find in the future.


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I like spain’s lyrics./Anneli

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New Steps

rosa_tulpanerLet’s Dance

Today is the final of Let’s Dance. I hope that Benjamin Wahlgren will win. He is worthy winner. A Travolta show is never wrong. Let the best dancer win. In Borlänge it is cold and raining, but the flowers like it. Have a happy weekend!


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