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A few days ago I made my first visit to Fjäderholmarna. One of those pearls in Stockholm’s archipelago. It is peaceful to surrounded by water.

Imagine a world without Photoshop and Lightroom. It is nice to be able make the water bluer and houses more red./Anneli 🙂

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Magnus Carlsson FjäderholmarnaFjäderholmarna
Sweden’s schlager elite was gathered when Stockholm’s new beautiful folkpark had its first event. On the stage Pernilla Wahlgren and Magnus Carlsson. In the audience: Anna Book. This is what I call a real show.

We all sang: the Raindrops Keep Falling” and the sky opened.


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Pernilla Wahlgren FjäderholmarnaMagnus Carlsson & Pernilla Wahlgren

Yesterday I visited ”Fjäderholmarna”, Stockholm’s new folkpark. This summer Magnus Carlsson arranges two sing along tours. One of them is on ”Fjäderholmarna”.  The other one is Together. The first guest in Stockholm was Pernilla Wahlgren.

I like this new folkpark. The only thing I missed was a dance floor and some disco lights./Anneli

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Summer Snow

Flower LilacFlowers

A sunny day today, but yesterday it was cold rain with snow. How could imagine that a few days from July.

Waiting for the summer to return.


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Music & Dance

What are we without a song or a dance…

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Midummer Crown

Midsummer CrownMighty Voices

Flower Crown is a tradition in Sweden. This one I made for this midsummer. White to match Mighty Voices image. Most of the time we try to be a light choir. Now we have some time of from the choir, but it all starts in September again. A lot of life this weekend. /Anneli

Robbie Williams – Feel

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Industrial Culture


The industrial area Stjärnsund is known has an interesting history. The village is situated in Hedemora. One of the most cental person in the village history is Christopher Polhem. He founded the ironworks. If you like beautiful nature, Stjärnsund is worth a visit.


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Light Art


I liked the light on the stage in Stjärnsund. It changed through the show. It interesting how it is possible with a little light change an old industrial building. I liked that we in Mighty Voices both could see the show and participate.


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Fredrik Swahn_Stjärnsund“Mitt i livet”

In the middle of life came to Stjärnsund. The show has previously been in Stockholm on the Scala theatre. The performance is about Fredrik Swahn´s private life, successes and tribulations. It was interesting to take part of his life. Fredrik sings safer can no one be. We in Mighty Voices felt secure. A good audience is always good to have.

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new_starIn the middle of life/”Mitt i livet”
Yesterday we in Mighty Voices were a part of Fredrik Swahn´s  performance In the middle of life. Regina Lund has directed this show. Yesterday she also was a guest artist. She has a very good voice. Previously she was to me only known as a very good actress. Stjärnsund is an idyllic industrial town. In the middle of now where Fredrik Swahn has his own place. During the summer it is possible to see a lot of famous artists. /Anneli

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