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October Light


The celebration of Christmas has started long before Halloween. November will not be so dark with  a lot of light.

I hope you all will enjoy the weekend and all upcoming holidays.


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I guess this is the the most scary thing I have ever found in the fruit disk. No pumkin can beat this.

Halloween is soon coming up. How will this end?


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Coloseum, Globen and Kupolen they all attract a lot of people.

What is it that make this fashination with round buildings?

This is a sunny day outside Kupolen.


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One Year


This weekend IKEA celebrated one year in Borlänge. IKEA has given a lot of new energy to our town.

A visit gives a lot of new ideas. I wonder what they will come up with next year.


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The first snow fell this week. Just before the winter came the sky was red.

Early mornings can be effectful. A nice view of Borlänge.


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Anders Björnhager-1Exhibition

Anders Björnhager is one of Borlänge´s best artists. He participated in a exibition in Ludvika.

The exhibition was arranged by KiD. I liked the portal best. It is nice with some culture.


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Mighty Voices in the newspaper DT today.

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Today we in Mighty Voices performed in Kvarnsveden´s church for the second time. We sang Happy and As. For us this is two new songs.

The concert hade the purpose to help RIA. Unfortunatelly there are a lot of homeless people today. It was a crowded church. Thank you all for helping us collect money. /Anneli

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Falling Leaf


A falling leaf is beautiful. The autumn is about staying inside. Apple pie and a dance movie can be nice.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was calm and peaceful.


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I meet a happy Mumin on the ship. It is good that the arrange activities for children onboard Silja Galaxy.

A  sunny face is always nice.


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