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Did you see me? One second of fame as one of the demonstrants.
I can be seen between about 33.00-34.15 in episode 7.
Explosion: 42.00 -43.00. in same episode./Anneli

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DalälvenMighty Voices

It is nice to practice by “Dalälven”. We in Mighty Voices
have a nice view from “Erlandsforsgården”.
Beatles tones can be heard from a far.
We give no conserts during spring &

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grenar (1 av 1)Jordskott
It is soon Monday. As millions of other Swedes
I sit every Monday evening and watch “Jordskott”,
scary serial about uncontrolled nature.
I wonder where it all will end. Read about the
successes abroad: Jordskott.


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Victor & Samir

Victor (1 av 1)Borlänge

A cardealer opened its doors for artists and visitors this weekend.
Samir & Victor entertained a screaming audience.
1300 people visited the event.

It is nice when shops arranges free events for young people.


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Science City


Swedens Silicion Vally is in Kista.
Victoria Tower is one of the main attraction
in the science city. A lot of Sweden’s
development happens here.


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On-line Payment

Lamp (1 av 1)e-commerce
Another issue that was frequently discussed
was online payment solutions. There are a lot
actors right now, but when choosing you should
look to how will still be there in 20 years. Will
cash be there or will all payment be digital? I think
it nice if we could keep regular money also.

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Visited the e-commerce fair in Kista yesterday.
Many talked about the importance of relevant
information in social media. Those that can
deliver interesting information will be
rewarded. In the future it will cost more
to reach out with uninteresting information.
Facebook is working on the issue and
You Tube is taking market shares./Anneli

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Winter Stop

krokus (1 av 1)Spring

The snow came back, but the spring is on the way.

You plan for spring, but have to take on the
winter shoes again.


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JTR (1 av 1)Stinsen

JTR is one of the newcomers in the Melody Festival.
They got their breakthrough in the Australian X factor.
Ronan Keating was one of the jury members.
The audience was enthusiastic to see them.


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Fjällgren (1 av 1)Stinsen

Jon Henrik Fjällgren had a traditional song in the Melody Festival, but unusual for the competition.

You can hear the winds moving, when he sings.
The audience liked his performance.

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