2016 This year I have performed in winner, musical, Motown & Simon & Garfunkel tribute concerts. Thank you all celebrities that allowed me to photograph! Happy New Year! /Anneli


”Firmafesten” Clas Yngström played tonight. He is a Swedish guitar hero from Borlänge. This night Yngstöm was an welcome surprise. /Anneli

Band Meeting

”Firmafesten” This was the night when female singers shined, especially Emelie Lööf Band & Get Lifted. This is Susanna Ottosson previous choir leader of Mighty Voices./Anneli

Carrie Fisher

Star Wars A female hero is dead. Her character in Star Wars is a role model for me and many others. She will be missed! /Anneli


Cinderella Hoffmaestro´s own Kaliffa performed on Cinderella. The ship was fully booked. It is nice to go on a cruise Christmas Day./Anneli

Last Christmas

George Michael Earlier this evening I heard on the radio that one of my favorite artists has passed away. Mega hits like Carless Whispers & Last Christmas are songs that […]

Christmas Snow

Christmas Night Snow is always nice, both in reality and in real life. Merry Christmas everybody! /Anneli


Christmas Night This must be the most impressive dress of the show. The effects does not make it less. This is what a good Christmas show should be all about. […]

One Upon a Time

Christmas Night Magnus Carlsson & Jessica Andersson has a new album out: Once Upon a Christmas Night. Gabriel Forss is also apart of the CD. ”Stilla Vänta”” has already had […]

Snow Effects

Christmas Night The light effects in this show are many. Fog and snow effects even reaches the audience. The light technician can be proud. /Anneli