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Autumn 2017

Here in Dalecarlia
the autumn is cold.
All colours is beautiful.
it is easy to find a
new picture every


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Solvarbo Market

This time of year
it is a lot of traditional
markets going on.
Solvarbo market
is in the middle of
of nowhere, but a
nice experience.

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Big Band

Magnus Carlsson &
big band is a special event.
Magnus both sang his
own and other hits.
”Se Mig”/See Me is
a great song.


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Sea Entertainment

Magnus Carlsson
Always nice to go
onboard Cinderella
when the autumn
comes. If weather
is grey it is nice to get
some good food and

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Greatest Hits

Magnus Carlsson &
Jessica Andersson
performed onboard
Cinderella with a
big band. It was
crowded in front
of the scene. Only
got one angle./Anneli

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Autumn View


A view with water is
always nice.
Dalecarlia looks
nice even when
the autumn come.


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Gothenburg Broadcast

”Lotta på Liseberg” took
place this summer.
Guests was for example Lill-Babs.
Liseberg had a Håkan Hellström
exhibition. Liseberg
is always nice to visit!


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Prince Gabriel
Happy to know that we have got a new Duke of Dalecarlia./Anneli

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Dragons Nest

Kick Off
Tällberg is a magical
place with a good view.
Green Hotel is a
genuine place.
Won a Dragon Nest
competition this

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Happy Weekend!

Autumn has arrived!
The summer passed
quickly. It will be
an interesting autumn.
I wish you all a happy


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