September 2017

Autumn 2017

Dalecarlia Here in Dalecarlia the autumn is cold. All colours is beautiful. it is easy to find a new picture every day. /Anneli

Solvarbo Market

Traditions This time of year it is a lot of traditional markets going on. Solvarbo market is in the middle of of nowhere, but a nice experience. /Anneli

Big Band

Cinderella Magnus Carlsson & big band is a special event. Magnus both sang his own and other hits. ”Se Mig”/See Me is a great song. /Anneli

Sea Entertainment

Magnus Carlsson Always nice to go onboard Cinderella when the autumn comes. If weather is grey it is nice to get some good food and entertainment. /Anneli

Greatest Hits

Cinderella Magnus Carlsson & Jessica Andersson performed onboard Cinderella with a big band. It was crowded in front of the scene. Only got one angle./Anneli

Autumn View

”Dalälven” A view with water is always nice. Dalecarlia looks nice even when the autumn come. /Anneli

Gothenburg Broadcast

Lotta ”Lotta på Liseberg” took place this summer. Guests was for example Lill-Babs. Liseberg had a Håkan Hellström exhibition. Liseberg is always nice to visit! /Anneli

Prince Gabriel Happy to know that we have got a new Duke of Dalecarlia./Anneli

Dragons Nest

Kick Off Tällberg is a magical place with a good view. Green Hotel is a genuine place. Won a Dragon Nest competition this week. /Anneli

Happy Weekend!

September Autumn has arrived! The summer passed quickly. It will be an interesting autumn. I wish you all a happy weekend. /Anneli