December 2018

Go On Robin

Robin Bengtsson Christmas is complete when the entertainment is good. The performance gave rise to great enthusiasm among the audience. I hope that Robin will go on. /Anneli

Winner Performance

Cinderella Robin Bengtsson performed on Cinderella Christmas Day. Robin has competed twice in the Melody Festival: Constellation Prize & I Can’t Go On. The last mention won the whole competition./Anneli

Christmas Tree 2018

Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! ”God Jul & Gott Nytt År!” /Anneli

Queen´s Birthday

Best Queen Happy Birthday Your Majesty Queen Silvia! We are lucky in Sweden to have a queen that give stability & glory to the country! Merry Christmas! /Anneli

More Tours

Christmas Night Magnus Carlsson is as usual the star of the show. Next year two more tours are waiting: ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” and ”Diggiloo”. /Anneli

Lead Singers

Christmas Night Elisa Lindström is the lead singer of Elisa’s. Magnus Carlsson is known from Barbados. It was not as many dance band hits as expected. /Anneli

Magic Voices!

Christmas Night On Christmas Eve they will show Christmas Night on television. Do not miss Sofia Källgren & Magnus Carlssons new hit. Magic Voices! /Anneli

Open Your Door

Christmas Night Tommy Nilsson is most famous hit is ”Öppna din dörr”. An artist that I hope returns nexts year. With help of a little glitter he is as made […]


Christmas Night: Christmas Night came to Falun. Tommy Nilsson, Sofia Källgren and Elisa Lindström are on their first Christmas Night tour. Elisa showed a talent that we did not know […]