May 2019

Pink Flowers

The summer is on its way. More flowers than ever! What usually happens in June in nature is here now. A lot of sun and rain!/Anneli

No Cigarette Butts

I´ve got a nice visit from a heghog a few days ago. However the poor animal had to run into cigarette butts. Think twice before throwning cigarette butts on the […]

Acustic Evening

Jan Johansen performed at an acoustic evening. The audience was enthusiastic. Johansen is most known for singing ”Se på mig” and ”Let your spirit fly” in the Melody Festival./Anneli

FBTGS Tour Pause!

Cinderella was the first stop for Magnus Carlsson before closing his ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” tour. Last stop Åland! The highly acclaimed tour continues this autumn./Anneli

More Shows

Easy Kit acted this night as support and backup band for Magnus Carlsson & Jessica Andersson. A good Band! For Magnus and Jessica waits Diggiloo this summer! /Anneli

Rhytmic Music

In connection to his tour “Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” Magnus Carlsson released a new CD. Magnus album is one of the best and most pleasurable listens this year./Annelir .

World artist Madonna! Wait to see what she will sing! A lot of Eurovison winners: Zelmerlöf and others! A wonderful show!/Anneli

Energy Kick

A total entertainment experience: Magnus Carlsson, Jessica Andersson, Easy kit, Jan Johansen, Xplays and Coco Loco onboard Cinderella. This was the best energy and inspiration I could get./Anneli