Izzy Young about Dylan

The second day of Peace & Love was about happiness, goals and how to accomplish them, and how people behave when they meet each other. Tuesday the man that discovered […]

Stefan Sauk at Peace & Love

Stefan Sauk inaugurated Peace & Love’s seminar days. He argued that we should go back to thinking more like Indians. The nature should be in the centre. This was appropriate, […]

Peace & Love is back

The war and destruction festival, or is it the opposite, is back in town! Borlänge gets invaded by a new generation of hippies calling them selves fans of rock and […]

Midsummer with bears

Midsummer in Dalarna can be exotic. On the Midsummer Day I went to revisit the bears in Orsa Grönklitt. Since my second summer job in the bear park a lot […]

Plushenko settled the competition

Charlotte Perelli did an enormous performance in the Eurovision song contest, but still she ended up in the 18th place. If it had been the World song contest the result […]

Café Oikos

In Greek Oikos means house. In the Arena in Falun some people have got together to start an environmental café with the name Oikos. Every Wednesday in the Arena you […]

The winner Let's Dance

This weekend we got the results from Let’s Dance. Tina and Tobias were the winners. Tony and Annica were the second runner up. Tony defended Dalarna in a good way […]

Perelli the Easter Hero

Easter is the cheerful time of eggs, witches and cute chickens. People have time to spend time with their families. Kupolen was visited by Charlotte Perelli, Richard Herrey, Cecilia Ehrling, […]

Exhibition highlights

The exihibition at the Future Museum is over for this time. One of the high lights of the event was Brutus Östlunds lecture about eagles, penguins and his life as […]

Near photos

The photo association that I am a member of is planning for the annual photo exhibition in the Future Museum of Borlänge. The exhibition starts the 4th February and ends […]