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Light Magic

A good show has nice lights
& amazing music. With
Magnus, Jessica &
big band on stage
that was fulfilled.
I hope they come
back to Cinderella./Anneli

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Great Show


Magnus Carlsson &
Jessica Andersson came
to Cinderella. The ship was
fully booked since long.
The show was great.


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Golf Club
Magnus Carlsson
came to Sandviken.
It was a good pop show
with a  lot of screaming fans.
George Micheal is dead,
but Magnus version of Faith made
it feels like he was alive.
Waiting for the new song!/Anneli

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Öregrund Entertainment

Magnus Carlsson
Sing along for one hour
and then Magnus Carlsson,
that was first Öregrund event
this year. With the sun in
his eyes and lot of hits
Sweden’s best pop singer
made this event to a success.
In the end people danced along/Anneli

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Dalecarlia Music Festival

Joey Tempest is Sweden’s
best hard rock singer. Together
with Europe we all got an
exclusive rock experience.
I hope that they will return
to Dalecalia soon.


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Olle Moreus

Musician’s from Orsa and
Olle Moreus performed
at ”Bingsjö Stämman”.
This was the main entertainment of the night.
Next year Bingsjöstämman turns
50 years. The event had
midsummer feeling.

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Earth Dance

Let’s Dance
Two good dancers in the final. Wonderful Jon Henrik! Congratulation!

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Give Water

Yesterday I performed with
Pop & Rockkören
at ”Ge Vatten-Galan”.
A lot of  artists performed:
Petra Kvännå, Clas Yngström &
”Stommen”. I hope that the event will
return next year.

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Black Jack
To travel with Cinderella
is always a new experience.
Black Jack/Tony Ljungström
entertained. It was
a performance with
a lot of speed.


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Standing Ovation

Magnus Carlsson &
Jessica Andersson were
the main artists this Easter.
They had a big band with them.
The audience sang a
long. Standing ovation
ended the show.

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