Not Alone

Stockholm: A few days ago Magnus Carlsson released the video to his new hit: My Freedom. Tonight he performs at Digital Pride. Lina Hedlund, Mariette and Babsan are also a […]

Dance at Home

Digital: The Digital Dance Band week replaces the usual Dance Band week in Malung. Some of the best known bands participate: Blender, Casanovas, Larz Kristerz, Martinez,and Streaplers, but I miss […]

Music Night

TV4: Right now Late Night Consert – Benjamin Wahlgren Ingrosso!/Anneli

Live & Love

National Day: Today Magnus Carlsson released a new hit. It is pop at the best level with a good message: My Freedom. Click on the headline and the link./Anneli

Episode 7

If you missed Boy Machine or want to watch it again. Now you can see it on TV4 play. I appear in episode 7./Anneli


Diggiloo 2019: TV4 shows once again – 12.55 – today – Magnus Carlsson, Arvingarna, John Lundvik, Mariett, David Lindgren and Jessica Andersson. Click on the headline to see photos and […]

Eurovison 12

Favorites: SVT arranged tonight a own Eurovision. I like France, Azerbaijan, Spain and Great Britain best. The Mamas should be in the competition. What do you think? /Anneli

Sign Language

Carlsson & Krång: Today is the day of sign language. Tommy Krång has made the language more popular than ever. Click on the headline and then the links to see […]

Good Music

Barbados: ”Bingo Lotto” this evening with Lotta Engberg, Barbados, Ann Wilson, Olle Jönsson and David Lindgren. If you missed this episode and the one with Magnus Carlsson it is possible […]


The Pop- & Rock Choir: Right now we in the choir sit at home and sing. Our sessions are now digital. We are safe. Watch previous concerts. Click on the […]