Midsummer Laurels

A victory for the light. A touch of Midsummer. A day that never ends. The most beautiful night of the year. /Anneli


A lot is going on at ”Fotografiska”. A few days ago I looked at Vincent Peters magnificent pictures of superstars: Jon Hamm, David Beckham & Emma Watson./Anneli

Traffic Jam

How many artists can say that they sell out a whole ship and make eight extra buses come to the harbour. Magnus Carlsson can!/Anneli

Magnus & Månsson

Magnus Carlsson and Månsson All Star performed onboard MS Birka Stockholm. The terrace was filled with dancing people. Always nice to be a part of the audience when the artist […]

FBTGS Tour Pause!

Cinderella was the first stop for Magnus Carlsson before closing his ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” tour. Last stop Åland! The highly acclaimed tour continues this autumn./Anneli

World artist Madonna! Wait to see what she will sing! A lot of Eurovison winners: Zelmerlöf and others! A wonderful show!/Anneli

Energy Kick

A total entertainment experience: Magnus Carlsson, Jessica Andersson, Easy kit, Jan Johansen, Xplays and Coco Loco onboard Cinderella. This was the best energy and inspiration I could get./Anneli


Kevin Lehnberg is a member of the upcoming band Xplays. Last weekend they played at Cinderella. For me it was the first time I listen to them. Kevin is a […]

Congratulation Crone/Estonia! Sweden have two good chances to win Eurovision./Anneli

Air Crew

The Pop- & Rock Choir :We have a whole fantastic team working behind us for example light, sound, film, photographer and cafeteria.Thank You! /Anneli