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Prime Minister

Stefan Löfven
Yesterday Prime Minister
Stefan Löfven held an excellent
Chistmas speech to the
nation.The fourth industrial
revolution is coming
to Avesta. Google will
be a part of it.

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Today an unusual halo
effect occurred in
Borlänge. Crystals and
cold air make this effect.
I am happy to have seen it
one time in my life.


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Christmas on Earth

First Advent

At the moment I think about
what we can do for the Kakapos
(Ugglepapegoja). In the world
there are 160 left.
This years best Christmas hit
has got an official video today.

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Siljan Sunset

A autumn evening!
The best view I know
is Siljan. This shot is
from Tällberg.
This is photographed
with love of nature.


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Green & Red

The autumn is here.
Clean water is essential
for life. The nature shift
from green to red.
Warm become cold!
Wonderful autumn!


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Outside the Box

A scary holiday is
coming up. This years
best slogan:
”Think outside the coffin.”
You can both be a vampire
and an angel. Think outside
the box. New ideas are always

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Temperate Seasons

Autumn is one of
the four temperate seasons.
In Dalecarlia it is still a
lot of flowers.
This weekend has
been warm.


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Sunset Harbour


A beatiful harbour with
a nice sunset. This is
a place to come back to.
Summer should always
be like. A nice sunset
makes the day.

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Tourist Magnet

I visited Öregrund for the first
time this week. A town by
the sea. A tourist magnet
worth a visit in the
summer. Free pancakes
and good music was an
extra bonus./Anneli

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Orsa Lake

Midsummer 2018
One wonderful view in
is Orsasjön. The lake is a
calm place. This year
they sang ”little bears
instead of ”little frogs”.


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