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New Paths

Finding new paths
is important.
The weather is
cold in Dalecarlia.
I wonder when
it will stop snowing.


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Spring 2018

The snow is beginning
to melt. The spring
has started, even if
it is hard to see.
I wonder when
I will be able to see
the first spring flowers.

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Snowy Park Bench

Melody Festival
Everything is not a walk
in the park. A  park bench in
snow is not so easy to sit down
on. Mendez song in
the Melody festival
is a hit. I hope that
it make it to the final.

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Snowy January

White Landscape

The ground is covered
with snow. There are no
icebears and reindeers
in Dalecarlia,
but they would like
the landscape.

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New Thinking

I had a calm weekend.
In the beginning of the
year it is time to think
about new ideas.
I hope that you all
enjoyed the weekend.


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Totally Snow

Fortune Cookie

”Good to know that everything
is going to improve.”
This must be a record winter.
Dalecarlia is white
and cold.
I hope for spring!

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Ginger Advent

First Advent
Grey autumn
turned into winter.
The Christmas Display
this year in Borlänge
will be interesting.
Black Friday this
year broke all

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Snow Everywhere

The winter finally
came to Dalecarlia.
It is snow everywhere.
The effect of global
warming has not
reached us.
Enjoy winter!

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Ocean Breeze

When the wheather
is cold outside it is
nice to get onboard
a ship. New experiences
are always good. The
entainment was
more than I could ask.

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Waterpark Autumn


It is cold outside,
but always nice
to catch the diffrent
seasons in a picture.
I hope it will not
snow until December.

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