Midsummer Laurels

A victory for the light. A touch of Midsummer. A day that never ends. The most beautiful night of the year. /Anneli

Midsummer De-Stress

Where ever the roads will take you tomorrow I wish you a happy Midsummer. I have a lot of pictures that is waiting to be published. Hold on! /Anneli

HM King Carl XVI

HM King Carl XVI and HM Queen Silvia came to the national day to celebrate that Borlänge turns 75 years. I am happy and bow. I hope they will return. […]

Pink Flowers

The summer is on its way. More flowers than ever! What usually happens in June in nature is here now. A lot of sun and rain!/Anneli

No Cigarette Butts

I´ve got a nice visit from a heghog a few days ago. However the poor animal had to run into cigarette butts. Think twice before throwning cigarette butts on the […]

Small Fire

The fire this year was small because of danger that it would spread. The weather was dry, but yesterday the snow came again. /Anneli

Warning Hedgehog!

Bonfire Night! Be careful when you lit a fire. Look out that not a hedgehog is hiding! Save a hedgehogs life by moving and shaking the heap of twigs. /Anneli […]

Business Days

IKEA, Varie and Acendo held lectures about a world in change. People want a sustainable future och kindly treatment. Is this possible when smart cities are the new thing?/Anneli


MP’s former spokesman came to Falun. It will be a historical re-election in town. Good that he is concerned about the causes of climate change. /Anneli

European Bison

Avesta One of Dalecarlias best turist attractions is the European Bison. The rare creatures is worth a visit and sponsorship. /Anneli