Dalecarlia: This is a near study of a water lily, also called Nymphaeaceae. The family of water lilies is aquatic herbs. /Anneli

Water Flowers

Dalecarlia: Water Lilies are usual this time of the year: white, yellow or even red. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world. /Anneli

Hot Day

Happy: The weather in Borlänge was hot today, maybe the warmast day this year. /Anneli

Music Night

TV4: Right now Late Night Consert – Benjamin Wahlgren Ingrosso!/Anneli

Unusual Summer

Dalecarlia: Finally the summer came! Warm weather! No beach! No concerts! No crowd! Sun! /Anneli

Water Surface

Pollen floating: In Dalecarlia it was a hot morning. A lot of rain in the afternoon with thunder and lightning. Pollen fell from the trees and was floating on the […]

Cat Visit

Sunny: This must be the sunniest day of the year. Maybe a hot summer awaits. A few weeks ago the neighbor’s cat came for a visit./ Anneli

Care Staff

We hold on/ “Vi håller ut!”: Magnus Carlsson, Robin Bengtsson and a lot of other artists celebrate care staff. Look at magnus_cson instagram. Click on the headline and then the […]

Sign Language

Carlsson & Krång: Today is the day of sign language. Tommy Krång has made the language more popular than ever. Click on the headline and then the links to see […]

New Home

Skansen: The crocodiles have been given a new home. Click on the headline and then the links.