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Börje Ahlstedt

Ingemar Bergman
Börje Ahlsted & Per-Ola
Björklund came to Borlänge.
They talked about Bergman’s
connection to Dalecarlia.
A well visited and
excellent lecture.


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Silver Horse
Courage is to go and see
a cinema movie that is based
on your real life, but twisted.
S K Hellström makes a good
interpretation of me. In the film
Losers I am called Sandra, the sceptical
young girl with long brown hair & short skirt.
Guest Photo

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Silver Horse

Film & Music Festival
Silver Horse Festival took
place this weekend. A lot
of good movies on the
program. Film Producer
Feras Saleem arranged it.
I hope that the festival will
come back next year.

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Magic World


This is not Hogwarts,
but just a building in
Avesta. Magic &
Wonder! I wonder what
will happen next.


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Sir Roger Moore

James Bond
Roger Moore has
past away. He will
be missed. Moore was
a great actor.
In Avesta flowers blom.
I hope it will be more

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Today we had a premier
in the tevestudio.
Film projects can sometimes be


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More Oscar

Happy that Sweden got one more Oscar tonight!/Anneli

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I wonder if the show
Carribbean Nights
comes to Dalecarlia or
Cinderella. History is
always nice. A few singers
is missed, for example
Magnus Carlsson.

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Carrie Fisher

christmas-star-1-av-1Star Wars
A female hero is dead.
Her character in
Star Wars is a role
model for me and
many others.
She will be missed!


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Winter Cinema

sno-borlange-1-av-1Rogue One

It is nice to see a movie
just before Christmas.
This evening I
went to see Rogue
One. Interesting
with animated humans.
Princess Leia is back!

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