Skultuna: Nothing beats wild nature!/ Anneli


Brass: I visited Skultuna a historical environment. Wonderful nature!/Anneli

6.18 m

Mondo Duplantis broke world record! A sign in Avesta!

”Haute Papier”

”Magasinet”: The fantastic exhibition ”Everything You Can Imagine is Real” is worth a visit. Bea Szenfeld show her ”Haute Papier”-collection. The creative initiative is a cooperation between Bea Szenfeld, Pompe […]

Not Alone

Stockholm: A few days ago Magnus Carlsson released the video to his new hit: My Freedom. Tonight he performs at Digital Pride. Lina Hedlund, Mariette and Babsan are also a […]

Dance at Home

Digital: The Digital Dance Band week replaces the usual Dance Band week in Malung. Some of the best known bands participate: Blender, Casanovas, Larz Kristerz, Martinez,and Streaplers, but I miss […]


Dalecarlia: The hottest day of the year! Now it is finally raining! No need to go abroad this year! /Anneli

Still Midsummer

Dalecarlia: Traditionally, the midsummer was June 23 and it was celebrated on June 24. All this changed in 1953. / Anneli

Summer Energy

Dalecarlia: Happy Midsummer! I wish you all a wonderful weekend. /Anneli