Christmas Happenings

Presents: Christmas is coming up soon. This years best presents may be ABBA’s and Magnus Carlsson’s new albums./Anneli


World: Sometimes it is hard to find words for the development in the world. Try to do good things and keep a distance. Hold out!/Anneli

Christmas Concerts

Digital: This year all usual Christmas concerts are canceled, but it is possible to take part of digital concerts. Look around on the Internet you find a lot. The picture […]

Hall of Fame

Mello: Magnus Carlsson and Jan Johansen got a place in the Hall of Fame. Voting helps! Magic is also good! Congratulations! /Anneli

Dance at Home

Digital: The Digital Dance Band week replaces the usual Dance Band week in Malung. Some of the best known bands participate: Blender, Casanovas, Larz Kristerz, Martinez,and Streaplers, but I miss […]

World artist Madonna! Wait to see what she will sing! A lot of Eurovison winners: Zelmerlöf and others! A wonderful show!/Anneli

Air Crew

The Pop- & Rock Choir :We have a whole fantastic team working behind us for example light, sound, film, photographer and cafeteria.Thank You! /Anneli

Prime Minister

Stefan Löfven Yesterday Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held an excellent Chistmas speech to the nation.The fourth industrial revolution is coming to Avesta. Google will be a part of it. /Anneli