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Give Water

Yesterday I performed with
Pop & Rockkören
at ”Ge Vatten-Galan”.
A lot of  artists performed:
Petra Kvännå, Clas Yngström &
”Stommen”. I hope that the event will
return next year.

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It is nice when
people meet
to celebrate
that spring
finally is here.
Something to

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Standing Ovation

Magnus Carlsson &
Jessica Andersson were
the main artists this Easter.
They had a big band with them.
The audience sang a
long. Standing ovation
ended the show.

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Ice Finland

Going home

A lot of ice!
Nice sky!


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Christmas Shop


The Christmas Shop in
”Helsinki” is famous.
It is possible to buy
Christmas things all
year, even in the
summer. It is always
a nice place to visit.

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President Palace

Another famous building
in Helsinki is the
President Palace.
It was a lot of strong
shadows this day.
The sun was bright.


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Life is intense.
Sometimes it is
difficult to find time
to write. ”Helsingfors” is a
beautiful city in the winter.
It was a cold day,
but the sun was shining.

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Barbados Party

Dance Band Week

It was no shuffle when
barbados entertained,
but a lot of party.
The hole boat rocked.


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Start 2018

Good Start
I like the sound of Christmas,
the silence and the peace.
I like the time between Christmas
and New Year.
I like that everything is possible
when the year is new & empty.
Have a nice year!

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Lucia comes with light.
Staffan sang today.
I’m waiting for Santa.
One of those good
Happy Lucia!


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