Happy Audience

Robin Bengtsson performed onboard Cinderella. Next year he will compete in the Melody Festival. I look forward to hear his contribution. A happy audience! /Anneli

Avesta Christmas

A nice Christamas view from Avesta. Lights always makes this time of year a little bit brighter. /Anneli

Joyful Christmas

Avesta’s traditional market is always a joyful experience. At the market you can see a lot of Gingerbread houses and find presents for Christmas. /Anneli

Lucia Diggiloo

Today TV4 showed Diggiloo 2019. It was a lot of sparkle in this years show. Magnus Carlsson participated with glory. Here comes one more photo from Enköping. Happy Lucia!/Anneli

Nomination Grammis

The nominations to a Grammis has been announced. One of them is Magnus Carlsson/”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”.The picture is photograped in Enköping. /Anneli

Angels x 2

Enköping: A lot of Magnus Carlsson around Christmas. ”Änglarnas Tid” is always a nice way to start this season. This is a performance worth seeing twice. /Anneli


Today the tickets to ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” was released. A third season is waiting. This is a photo from ”Änglarnas Tid”/Time of the Angels in Enköping./Anneli

Gasworks Building

Gävle Christmas Consert: Creativity can change the world. Time of Angels is a success as usual. Magnus Carlsson in the picture. The show “Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” continues a […]

Music Wings

Time of the Angels/ ”Änglarnas tid” came to Gävle. An old gas holder has become a magnificant concert hall. Magnus Carlsson gave the audience wings with his high notes. /Anneli

Contrast Light

Light art! Look carefully! Find things you do not expect! Cold! Dark! Contrast! /Anneli