Tomorrow Saturday 17.00:  Danny Saucedo gives a free concert from Globen online. Look at his Instagram account. /Anneli

Online Concert

Thank you all artists and organizers for moving or canceling your arrangement during covid 19. Check your events on each artist’s website. Larz-Kristerz play live on You Tube. The concert […]


Galaxy: The sun was shining on the way back from Åbo. A few in the audience got the opportunity to photograph a happy Magnus Carlsson. His performance was great and […]


The Mamas: The Melody Festival/”Melodifestivalen” took place yesterday. The winner group The Mamas with the song Move had a good message and singers. I hoped Hanna Ferm would win, she […]

Third Season

Galaxy: Magnus Carlsson is famous from the the Melody Festival. Soon his tour ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” begins again. A few of his previous dancers performed this year in […]

Star Artist

Galaxy: Magnus Carlsson performed onboard Galaxy this weekend. Fans came from other parts of Sweden and Europe to hear him sing. I hope to see him in the Melody Festival […]

Melody Weekend

Galaxy: Galaxy has this month a Melody Festival theme. During this cruise they had a Shuffle competion. I shared the first place with a fellow competitor. /Anneli


I am  keeping my fingers crossed that Bengtzing, Mendez & Johansen will be the final of the Melody Festival./Anneli

Destination Barbados

Peter & Lager: Unusual and good photo shoots are always welcome. Many thanks to Peter & Lager. A smile makes the day. 🙂 I wish Barbados was in the Melody […]

Tommy & Lasseman

Dance band week: Arvingarna has through the years had a lot of hits. In the photo Tommy & Lasseman. Arvingarna competed in final of the Melody Festival last year. If […]