Christmas Happenings

Presents: Christmas is coming up soon. This years best presents may be ABBA’s and Magnus Carlsson’s new albums./Anneli

Jussi Sings

Creative Borlänge: Once in a while Jussi Björling sings ”Till Havs”, at least his statue./Anneli


Creative Borlänge: Jussi Björling has his own museum, but at this location it might have been one of the last chances to see the items that belonged to Jussi Björling./Anneli

Jazz Festival

Sandviken: This fall Magnus Carlsson’s show ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” is coming up on ”Hamburger Börs” in the city centre of Stockholm. I have seen the original version twice. […]


Jazz Festival: Magnus Carlsson sang ”I am what I am” and Sway. He also got his inspiration from Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé. A well hidden secret is that Magnus […]


Bangen: The jazz & blues festival Bangen celebrated 30 years. Magnus Carlsson opened the festival. /Anneli


Ludvika: Charlie Norman that grew up in Ludvika has his own place./Anneli

Exhibition Outside

Hanser: Anders Hanser shows his pictures in Orsa. A wonderful exhibition with photos of famous people and interesting geografical places: ABBA, Kalle Moreus and Carola./Anneli Fors


Midsummer Steamboat Headland: ”Orsa Spelmanslag” and Olle Moreus entertained and held a safe distance. ”Gärdeby gånglåt” made the midsummer complete./Anneli